Hotel Loyalty 2010 Winter Promotion Starwood Hotels Starwood Preferred Guest

Starwood Preferred Guest Instant Gold Elite and 1,000 points per night to March 31, 2010

The deal is only available for new members to Starwood Preferred Guest. I can refer you for instant SPG Gold elite if you have never been a member of Starwood Preferred Guest.

Please note: Do not join SPG until you receive the the referral invitation email from SPG. You need to contact me, I refer you to SPG, then SPG sends you a referral membership email to join and receive Gold elite and bonus points. The link at the bottom of this post to my Loyalty Traveler post from Nov. 20, 2009  shows a picture of what the email from SPG will look like.

As a SPG Platinum member I have been making referrals since November. I get 1,000 points if a person I refer to SPG membership actually stays in a Starwood hotel by March 31. I have received 4,000 points to date. My dream of a free European vacation next summer is not looking so assured.

This is a great hotel loyalty program deal. There are a variety of Gold elite benefits. Additional points is just one feature of this promotion.

A current SPG member without elite status who has two 1-night stays ($200) and a 2-night stay ($200) by March 31 will earn $400 x 2 points = 800 base Starpoints. The current SPG double base points promotion will add another 800 points for a total of 1,600 Starpoints after 4 hotel nights. Total points earned = 1,600 Starpoints.

A new member who is instantly upgraded to SPG Gold elite through my referral will earn 1,000 bonus points per night for hotel stays through March 31. The SPG Gold elite member with the same stays as detailed above will earn 800 base Starpoints + 400 elite Starpoints + 800 SPG double points promotion + 4,000 bonus points (4 nights x 1,000 points per night) for a total of 6,000 Starpoints. Total points earned = 6,000 Starpoints.

There is no SPG membership fee, no catch, and I’ll refer you even if you don’t plan to stay in a hotel before March 31. You still retain SPG Gold elite membership through February 2011, even if you miss the 1,000 points per night bonus period.

Simply email me at and provide the email you want me to submit for the SPG referral form . Email me and I’ll refer you. That is all that separates you from SPG Gold (if you are a new member to SPG).

Don’t be shy or timid or apologetic asking me for a referral. I’d jump all over this deal if I was eligible for instant elite in some other hotel program like Marriott Rewards or Hilton HHonors.

Speaking of referrals – I’d certainly love for an InterContinental Royal Ambassador to send me a membership referral.

Here is my initial Loyalty Traveler post from November 20, 2010 regarding this SPG offer with pictures of the referral form I submit and promotional fine print.

Westin Napa Verasa suite
Westin Napa Verasa suite



  • TARIT SAHA July 12, 2010


  • jared July 12, 2010

    me 2

  • Ric Garrido July 14, 2010

    Sorry. The instant Gold upgrade was a limited time offer that ended months ago.

    SPG will probably have a stays count double offer before the end of 2010 since this promotion has been offered for several years now and normally towards the end of the year in October to December.

  • Faisal February 12, 2011

    Hello, if this is still available, please email me an invitation to Thanks!

  • Ric Garrido February 12, 2011

    You are one year too late.

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