Summary of Hotel Promotions for Q1 2010

There is heated activity on the hotel loyalty front in these holiday weeks. Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, and IHG have announced 2010 promotions. Hyatt still has the best promotion of 2009 and you can take advantage of this offer through the month of January.

Hyatt Gold Passport “The Next Big Thing” promotion is incredible with combined promotion benefits for both points and miles. Oct. 1 2009 – Jan 31, 2010.

Hyatt Gold Passport promotion registration link.

1.       Earn a free night after every two stays. Loyalty Traveler Sep. 17

2.       Earn double elite stay credit. (Diamond membership in 13 stays or Platinum in 3 stays.)

3.       Earn 2,500 airline miles after every two nights until Dec 31, 2009. Loyalty Traveler Oct. 5

4.       Earn Hyatt Gold Passport G bonus with most hotel stays. Loyalty Traveler Nov 9


Starwood Preferred Guest up to 4x points

January 5 – April 15, 2010.

Registration required between January 5 and March 31, 2010.

SPG Promotion Link


Double base points (1 or 2 night stay) = 4 points/$1

Triple base points (3 night stay) = 6 points/$1

Quadruple base points (4 nights or more) = 8 points per $1

This promotion is combinable with other promotions. Elite bonuses are additional.

Loyalty Traveler Dec 18



Hilton HHonors free night after 4 stays or 10 nights

January 7 – March 31, 2010


Posted on FlyerTalk by HamptonInsider this promising HHonors promotion for a free night valid across the Hilton system after 4 stays or 10 nights. The promotion details are not released yet, so at this point the rumor is just a seemingly reputable insider pre-release on FlyerTalk. There will likely be some restrictions on hotel reward nights redemption and perhaps some hotel exclusions, but overall this may be a sign of a new style of promotion activity from Hilton HHonors.


The points increases in 2010 categories is not so bad a change if the HHonors program makes it easier to earn free nights with promotions like the current 25,000 points after 4 stays and what looks to be a free night offer coming in January.

The leisure traveler may find HHonors a lifestyle deal with their two-pronged approach to rewarding loyalty membership. HHonors may see a return of the HHonors points traveler who can earn some lucrative bonuses on hotel stays. Combine the points budget traveler with the big fish spender putting $40,000 on the HHonors co-branded credit card for complimentary HHonors Diamond elite annual membership.  The Diamond lifestyler from both ends of the economic spectrum can find good value with HHonors. Value gives a traveler reason to put more effort into a Hilton hotel choice.


Marriott Rewards

MegaBonus 25,000 to 60,000 points depending on offer and nights stayed.

Feb 1- April 30, 2010.

Members are receiving new Marriott Rewards 2010 Megabonus offers. Marriott targets members with different offers.


Marriott Rewards PointSavers Plus 10% discount or 15% discount for Gold and Platinum elite members.

There are still three weeks to book a discounted discount hotel nights reward with the special PointSavers offer through January 15, 2010.

Update January 5, 2010: My personal MegaBonus offer is a free night (category 1-4 hotel) after two stays. Limit of one free night may be earned and free night to be redeemed by August 31, 2010. This offer is essentially a 20,000 points value if used for a Category 4 night. I have no elite status with Marriott Rewards.

IHG Priority Club Rewards

1,000 bonus points per night or 200 bonus miles up to maximum 20,000 points or 4,000 miles (20 nights).

Priority Club Rewards Registration Link

20,000 points is a rather weak offer from IHG considering this is only 50% of the points needed for one free night at a top tier InterContinental Hotel costing 40,000 points. The points-hungry tactic with IHG is to play the promotion registration game with Priority Club Rewards. A member can average 5,000 to 8,000 points per night for stays in IHG brand hotels.


Read this FlyerTalk thread.

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  1. Regarding the Marriott promotions, there is a MegaBonus and also a MegaMiles promotion that I’m registered for. Both run simultaneously. My MegaBonus gives 5000 extra points for every 2nd stay up to 5x (10 stays). The MegaMiles promotion gives triple miles for every stay after the 2nd. It seems I might be able to elect miles, then points, on alternate stays to maximize both miles and points earned.

    However MegaBonus T&C say “Members electing to earn miles are not eligible for this promotion.”, while MegaMiles T&C say “Members electing to earn points are not eligible for this promotion.”. Any experience with such a situation?

  2. I do not have experience with this situation, however, it seems to me that these promotion bonuses will automatically register for miles or points depending on how you switch your earning preferences on your profile between hotel stays.

    Earn miles for the full service hotel stays where you earn 2 miles per $1 (6 miles with MegaMiles) and earn points at Courtyard and other brands where miles earning is only 1 point per $ (3 miles/$1 with MegaMiles).

    The fact that both promotions are offered seems to indicate a member can alternate between the two.

    If any reader knows for sure if this can or can’t be done, please comment. I think it can be done, but I do not know from experience.

  3. This program is a real scam and takes advantage of the hardcore business traveler.. I work hard and spent many nights with Holiday Inn..

    When I noticed that I wasn’t receiving my points for the last 12 or 13 nights I was told that because of the program rules I forfeit additional points for the next two months..

    I signed up for the free nights promotion and in less two weeks after the program started I accumulated five free nights at a holiday Inn .. There are sill more than two months left in the program and I am not receiving any points.. The Irony is that I still have 10 nights of traveling before the end of December and there is no incentive for me to stay with Holiday Inn…

    I called, several people (drones) within the organization to complain and I wrote a couple of emails with no responses..

    Next time you rate hotels I hope you call on me to get my opinions. I travel extensively and I am away from home over 200 nights annually. I will not stay at any holiday inn again, PERIOD.. THEY SUCK!

  4. Cruzito – Sorry you are having a bad experience with the Priority Club promotion.

    Here is a tip if a similar promotion is offered in the future.

    This promotion specifically stated the member would not earn base points or elite points once registered for free nights.

    The other detail of the promotion is there is no retroactive credit for free nights before registering for the Sweet Dilemma promotion.

    Promotion registration is required by December 20, 2010.

    You could have waited until today to register for this offer and received base points and elite bonus points for all your stays since September 20 and still earn the 5 free nights in December after you registered for the promotion.

    I earned base and elite points on hotel stays before I registered for Sweet Dilemma and now I am earning credits for free nights since I registered for the Sweet Dilemma promotion in early November.

  5. Here’s another idea for Cruzito: use a different card for his December stays. It can be his wife’s, even if she is imaginary.

    When he checks in, he just gives her number.

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