Carlson Hotels 50,000 Gold Points after 5 stays Jan 1-Feb 28

Can you name 3 hotel brands of Carlson Hotels?

Carlson Hotels Worldwide is headquartered in Minneapolis and the company is reported to have a focus on brand identity development for 2010. The Carlson hotel chain is similar in size to Starwood Hotels with over 1,000 hotels globally, yet the Gold Points Plus hotel loyalty program lacks the stature of a much smaller hotel chain like Hyatt Hotels with only 40% of the hotel properties of Carlson Hotels.

Hotels Magazine published a profile of the Carlson Hotel chain two weeks ago. Radisson Hotels is the upscale brand of the Carlson Hotels chain. Radisson and Radisson Blu (upper-upscale) are more than 400 hotels worldwide and are better known brands in Europe than the USA. The company has plans for another 89 Radisson hotels outside the USA. The 5-year plan for Radisson Hotels is to make the brand appear competitive in North America and comparable to Starwood’s Sheraton and Westin brands. The bulk of the Carlson Hotel chain properties are the midscale Country Inn & Suites (about 500 hotels) and Park Inn (about 100 hotels) brands. Country Inn & Suites is one of the largest mid-market brands in the USA.

Carlson Hotels unveils one of the first winter 2010 promotions and this looks like a respectable bonus offer for Gold Points. Each stay beginning with the second stay earns cumulative points bonuses.

2nd stay = Earn 5,000 bonus points

3rd stay = Earn 7,500 more bonus points.

4th stay = Earn 12,500 more bonus points.

5th stay = Earn 25,000 more bonus points.

50,000 total bonus points after 5 stays.

50,000 Gold Points Bonus Points Promotion registration is required.

The hotel loyalty program winter offers should be rolling out over the next couple of weeks across a variety of hotel chains.

Gold Points Plus hotel loyalty program Links:

Gold Points Plus Earn Points

Gold Points Plus Redeem points Hotel Award tables

Gold Points Plus Member Benefits

Discount award nights through January 31, up to 50% off

Sample hotels at 50% off discount for 30,000 points a free night:

  • Radisson Boston, 30,000 points
  • Radisson Plaza Minneapolis
  • Radisson SAS Hotel Altstadt Salzburg, Austria
  • Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Radisson Blu Hotel at Disneyland Paris, France
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Capetown, South Africa
  • Radisson Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Loyalty Traveler post on Gold Points Plus (This September 18, 2009 post offered some analysis on the Gold Points Plus hotel loyalty program. My September criticism of the website seems to have been addressed. Information looked easy to locate on the website today.)


Radisson Hotel, Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

Radisson Hotel, Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco













Rated Best Kid-Friendly Hotel in San Francisco by I prefer the Sheraton across the street myself.


Loyalty Traveler Hotel Loyalty Promotion Key rating = 3 keys

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  1. Hi Ric, I noticed you haven’t been assigning Key Values lately. In the past, I found them to be very useful (I agree the Hyatt promotion is a 5+). What Key Value would you assign to the Carlson promotion? Thanks.

  2. Consistency is not always one of my traits.

    Based on the past year, Gold Points Plus runs periodic 50% off awards. A member will likely earn 60,000 points from 5 stays.

    Two free nights at an upper upscale European hotel for 60,000 points based on say $500 in spending at Park Inn or Country Inn or cheap Radissons could be a $500 future value if points are used well.

    I give this a 3-key rating, with the potential to approach 4 keys for members who can earn low on cheap stays and burn high for good value.

  3. I just don’t see the value in spending 5 nights at inferior properties (IMHO in the US)for maybe two free nights at average to above average properties in Europe. Hyatt and Marriott are much better values with constant promos. (the Hyatt stay two get on free was especially good considering you could earn at Hyatt Place and redeem at Park Hyatt or Regency)

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