Earn up to 25,000 Bonus Points with Marriott GiftCards

Marriott Rewards is offering up to 25,000 bonus points (10 points per US$1 GiftCard amount) for purchases of Marriott GiftCards from November 2-December 31, 2009. Offer is valid on purchases made online at

Marriott Rewards members earn 10 points per dollar on the gift card amount. Shipping and handling fees do not earn bonus points. No packaging frills USPS shipping is only $1 for USA delivery. Other fancy gift packaging and delivery options are available.

Marriott gift cards are valid at all Marriott hotel brands worldwide and may be used for all charges applied to the hotel folio. Gift cards may also be used for any Marriott owned-and-operated services at Marriott brand hotels like restaurants, retail outlets, spa, and golf, even when not staying as an overnight guest. Gift cards may be used for shopping at Gift cards are transferable. Purchases above the gift card amount can be paid with cash or credit.

Gift card credit does not expire, however, gift cards do have a renewal date. A gift card can be renewed with a new card with the same remaining balance if the card becomes inactive.

On FlyerTalk this recurring end-of-year promotion is referred to as the “Triple Play”. The deal for Marriott Rewards members is the opportunity to earn 10 points per US$1 buying Marriott Hotels gift cards. You also earn points at the regular rate for your hotel stays and elite status when redeeming gift cards for Marriott brand hotels. Pay for the card with a Marriott-branded credit card and you earn another 5 points per US$1. Marriott gift cards are Visa branded debit cards and gift card payment for hotel stays counts for the Marriott Rewards MegaBonus promotion.

Looks like some Marriott Rewards may hit a homerun with Marriott GiftCards.

Basically this is an easy way to 20+ points per US$1 spent on most Marriott brand hotel stays over the next year (a little less if you frequent Residence Inn and TownePlace Suites 5 points/$1 Rewards points).

Marriott GiftCard FAQ link

Marriott Rewards platinum member can earn 30 points per $1.

Marriott Rewards platinum members purchasing a $200 card and redeeming the card on a $200 hotel room at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas can earn:

  • 2,000 points for the gift card purchase.
  • 1,000 points for GiftCard purchase made with Marriott Rewards Visa card (5 points/1$)
  • 2,000 points for a $200 base-spending hotel stay paid with $200GiftCard.
  • 1,000 points Platinum elite 50% base points bonus.

And Marriott Rewards MegaBonus points are additional. Loyalty traveler Marriott Rewards MegaBonus post from August 12.


There are at least two other Marriott GiftCard and Marriott VacationCard promotions.

Gary Leff discusses a 10% GiftCard bonus on the purchase amount in his blog. According to reports on FlyerTalk this is not combinable with the Marriott points bonus. The member has a choice between bonus points for GiftCard or bonus credit on the gift card.

There is also a Skymiles promotion for a 10% discount on the purchase price of $1,000 or $2,000 Marriott VacationCards along with a 1,000 or 2,000 Skymiles bonus. The promotional catch here is the high price of a minimum $1,000 VacationCard.

Marriott GiftCard purchases start at $50.



Marriott GiftCard Bonus Points

Marriott GiftCard Bonus Points

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