I’m the forensic patron saint up-trade expert of hotel review extortion

Have you posted an online hotel review to TripAdvisor, FlyerTalk, or USA Today?

Daniel Edward Craig, 007 hotelier in Vancouver and mystery writer, examines the personality types inhabiting online hotel review domains like He provides an entertaining profile with his blog post of nine personality types to look for when reading online hotel reviews.

Craig’s advice when reading amateur reviewers is to watch out for the cracks. They come in many guises like:

  1. The Self-appointed Expert
  2. The Patron Saint of Hotels
  3. The Up-trader
  4. The Down-trader
  5. The Uncle Bob
  6. The Extortionist
  7. The Shill
  8. The Forensic Examiner
  9. The Corporate Saboteur

And remember our documentary-critical reviews of the hotel establishments we lay our heads are the same places other people call the office.

"Clean up request for Floor 16 please!"

"Clean up request for Floor 16 please!"

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