Best Western Rewards Play for Points Poker with chance to win Harley-Davidson

Dr. Spencer Reid in one episode of the TV show “Criminal Minds” walked out of a Las Vegas casino leaving $2,000 on the video poker machine. Sometimes games are more about entertainment than profit.

Best Western Rewards “Play for Points Poker” is a cute marketing campaign and the odds are even better than Vegas you will play one hand and come out ahead 100 Best Western Rewards points. If you are lucky, maybe win 10,000 points. There is even a Vegas long-odds chance you will win a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Best Western Rewards Play for Points Poker link.

Earn additional game plays for each night stayed in a Best Western, up to 10 nights, in the states of California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado by November 15, 2009.

Bottom line: Submit your email address and play the hand you are dealt by Best Western video poker.

100 Best Western Rewards points is likely minimum outcome for points you will earn in the Play for Points Poker game based on my final poker hand.


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