Redemption Value Analysis for United Mileage Plus Hotel Awards

United Airlines Mileage Plus now allows the use of airline miles for a large selection of hotel awards.

The number of miles needed for a free night is related to the actual room rate, yet there is a wide range of redemption values depending on the hotel you choose. While many hotel free night redemptions will only have a value of about $7 to $9 per 1,000 miles, there are hotels with a redemption value in the $10 to $14 range per 1,000 miles. Loyalty traveler compared room rates with Mileage Plus redemption rates for some 4 and 5 star hotels in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Mileage Plus Hotel Awards link.

Mileage Plus Hotel Awards

San Francisco Hotels,  Monday October 5, 2009


Room Rate

Mileage Plus Award

Redemption Value

per 1,000 miles


Mark Hopkins




Hyatt Regency




Grand Hyatt




Westin St. Francis




Hilton San Francisco





San Francisco (10-5)





Las Vegas Hotels,  Friday October 16





Paris Las Vegas




Mandalay Bay




Caesar’s Palace




Trump Hotel




Planet Hollywood




Hilton Grand Vacations on Strip








JW Marriott




Hard Rock Casino




Hotel at Mandalay Bay








Ritz Carlton

Lake Las Vegas




Palazzo Resort




Westin Casuarina




Four Seasons






The redemption values in the table above show a wide range between hotels, from a low value of $4.12 per 1,000 miles to a high value of $14.47 per 1,000 miles. The good news is these hotels listed in the table above are just a small portion of the high end hotels available. Hotels in the 2 star and 3 star category are under 10,000 miles per night in many locations.

Careful comparison shopping of Mileage Plus miles to prevailing rates for the dates of your stay is vital for getting the best value from a hotel award.


Airline and Hotel Comparative Redemption Value

A typical domestic economy class airline award of 25,000 miles redeemed for a San Francisco SFO – New York JFK with a retail price of $304 has a redemption value of $12.16 per 1,000 miles.

First Class SFO –JFK priced out at $5,489 or 70,000 miles. This is a high redemption value of $78/1,000 miles.

But seriously, would you ever spend $5,500 to fly first class in a 3-cabin aircraft domestically?

Frequent flyer experts will generally advise you to save up your miles for Business Class or First Class international travel to get the best value. For example, San Francisco, SFO – London, LHR in First Class can easily be a $10,000 ticket or 135,000 Miles. This ticket will have a redemption value in the range of $75 per 1,000 miles.

Airline Ticket

Nov 10-Nov 17, 2009

Class of Service

Ticket Cost = Redemption Value

US$ per 1,000 miles

San Francisco – New York

Economy Class = 25,000 miles

$304 = $12.16/1,000 miles


First Class = 70,000 miles (3-Class)

$5,500 = $78.41/1,000 miles

San Francisco – Miami

Economy Class = 25,000 miles

$270 = $10.80/1,000 miles


First Class = 50,000 miles (2-class)

$1,376 = $27.52/1,000 miles

San Francisco – London

Economy Class = 55,000 miles

$720 = $13.10/1,000 miles


Business Class = 105,000 miles

$3,593 = $34.22/1,000 miles


First Class = 135,000 miles

$8,995 = $66.63/1,000 miles


The value of your miles increases greatly when redeeming for domestic or international Business Class or First Class tickets.

However, if you typically redeem your miles for economy class tickets, then you may find similar value using miles for hotel free night redemptions.

Previously Mileage Plus miles could be redeemed for a hotel certificate free night. This option is still available but hotel certificates are valid at only a select few hotel brands including Hyatt, Marriott, and Radisson.

Mileage Plus Hotel Certificates link:,5046,51237,00.html

Hotel Brand

Free Night Certificate

Hyatt Premier Certificate

21,000 miles

Hyatt Inspire Certificate

40,000 miles

Hyatt Participating Properties and Certificate Level

Marriott Premier Certificate

40,500 miles

Marriott Worldwide Elite Certificate

45,500 miles

Marriott Participating Properties for Premier Certificate

Marriott Participating Properties for Worldwide Elite Certificate

Radisson 1 Free Night

28,000 miles


Getting the best value from your Mileage Plus account miles requires selective use of awards for hotel rooms.

Spending 21,000 miles for a $300 per night hotel room is a decent redemption value on par with an economy class ticket.

Spending 40,000 miles for a $200 per night room is like spending 25,000 miles for a $125 economy class ticket and not a good value for your miles.

Your Mileage Plus miles can be redeemed for good value with hotels. Just be sure to compare your hotel options carefully and compare hotel rates in miles with cash rates to find good value.

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