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I opened my Priority Club News email from InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) today. The title of the email reads “New! Points & Cash Reward Nights”.

Here is the page the link took me to:

Priority Club Points & Cash email
Priority Club Points & Cash email



So, I move my mouse around the page. Nothing lights up in the text.

I move my mouse around the page some more.

Guess what?

There are no links on this page taking me to any information explaining what Points & Cash Rewards are or how I get one.

I actually try to book a reward night in Saco, Maine using the “Find a Hotel” box on the left side of the page.

The results of a “Reward Night” search are several paid room rates and a 25,000 points per night offer at the bottom of the page. I still don’t see any reference to Points & Cash.

My question to Priority Club.

Do you want a million Priority Club members calling the reservations line to learn from a live person how Points & Cash works?

Hey! Designers at Priority Club web sites.

I am Loyalty Traveler. I wrote an in-depth blog article about the benefits of Priority Club’s Points and Cash reward options on June 20th.  In fact, I set this June 20th Loyalty traveler post on Priority Club’s Points & Cash option in a teacher standards format for educational purposes by explaining the objectives of my post.

As Loyalty Traveler, my thoughts are geared around the millions of Priority Club members who simply know they have a few thousand points in their account from those Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Express stays over the past few years. Thousands of those Priority Club members will never use their points because they can’t figure out in a timely fashion the inherent value of their points.

Priority Club sends an email webpage announcing to me, the general Priority Club member, the introduction of a new offer for Points & Cash Rewards that will “Get Rewards Faster”, yet there is no link anywhere on this page to explain to me what the details are for Points & Cash Rewards!

Message to Priority Club – You blew a good opportunity to inform your members with high value information through this email.


[Oct 5, 2009 – deleted remaining portion of blog post that I thought was funny intially, but later decided was inappropriate for the blog.]

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