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Free 2,500 Hilton HHonors points for Joining Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

If you are not currently a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club member, then here is your chance to earn a quick and free 2,500 Hilton HHonors points by joining Flying Club. You also earn 2,500 Flying Club miles.

Hilton HHonors/Virgin Flying Club Promotion link: http://www.virginatlantic.com/corporate/micropage.view.do?id=16513

Virgin Atlantic is an airline with loads of loyal flyers, comfortable cabins, good image, and hey, Richard Branson just looks rock star cool.

Pim, my cat, loves his Flying Club membership.  Pim has never flown Virgin Atlantic, but just having access to Flying Club member web pages makes Pim a happy pet.

Pim signed up for Flying Club last year (no promotion bonus) when I was doing paid research on Virgin Atlantic and learned my dormant Flying Club frequent flyer account was frozen. A phone call to Virgin Atlantic to plead my case for needing access to the member’s only section of the website to do my job fell on unsympathetic ears.

“Your account will be reactivated when you take a Virgin Atlantic flight.”

My wife’s account was locked too.

Pim, knowing his supply of cat food was on the line if Loyalty Traveler did not rake in a little cash, volunteered to become a Flying Club member. Being a loyal cat to me, Pim lets me use his Flying Club account now and then when I need to do Virgin Atlantic Flying Club research to earn some cash.

Pim, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Member
Pim, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Member



  • Oliver August 24, 2009

    So I wasn’t a member of the Virgin Flying Club yet, but when I went through the signup on the page you linked to (which did list the 2500 HHonors points) it never asked me for my HHonors membership number, and now I seem to have an account with 0 miles, Silver status and no obvious way to get the HHonors points.

  • Oliver August 24, 2009

    And it looks like I am not alone with that “problem” — long thread on FT here:


  • Ric Garrido August 25, 2009

    HHonors Representative on FlyerTalk states the process has just started and follow up after a couple of weeks if HHonors points do not credit to your account.

    Loyalty travel sometimes takes a lot of faith and a little work on the traveler’s part.

    In 10 years of extensive loyalty traveling I have always received the points and miles I earned legitimately and this is a legitimate HHonors offer.

    Sometimes it requires phone calls, email, or even letter writing. In one case in 2002, it required a rules change from ANA Mileage Club to get 111,110 miles I had earned. The director of their frequent flyer program thanked me for pointing out their incorrect rules for mileage accrual regarding Jazz flights with Air Canada.

    And I thank ANA Mileage Club for that First Class ticket redemption frequent flyer award to New Zealand in 2005.

    Be patient, wait a couple of weeks, and HHonors should get the details with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club worked out in time.

    If not, then follow up for your points.

  • Oliver August 26, 2009

    Yup, will do.

    That said, if I had designed the sign-up process, I would have

    (a) asked for the HHonors number

    (b) explained what will happen and when.

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