Marriott Rewards Fall 2009 MegaBonus

Marriott Rewards is big on targeted promotions for their recurring MegaBonus. The current promotion offer runs September 15 thru January 15, 2010 and hotel stays must be paid with VISA credit card.

Registration is required by October 31. Marriott rewards members need to log into account or call to register for promotion.

Here are some of the MegaBonus variations received by different Marriott Rewards members:

1.       Double points and double night elite credit.

2.       Earn 50,000 points (35,000 for 20 nights; additional 15,000 points after 25 nights).

3.       25,000 points at 2,500 points per stay, beginning with second stay.

4.       25,000 points at 5,000 points every other stay.

5.       40,000 points (25,000 after 15 nights and additional 15,000 after 20 nights).

The promotion requirement for VISA card payment is a major obstacle to many travelers who must use a different brand credit card for corporate travel.

FlyerTalk evangelist Craz posted a method on FlyerTalk for getting around VISA credit card requirement for Marriott Rewards members who prefer to use a different brand credit card.

Link to Delta/Northwest Marriott Rewards Vacation Card 10% promotional discount

Marriott Rewards Vacation Card is a VISA gift card that can be purchased with a $1,000 face value for just $900 + 5.75 shipping fee (10% savings through Delta/Northwest promotional link + earn 1,000 airline miles).

You pay $905.75 for a $1,000 Marriott Rewards Vacation Card that can be used for VISA payment of hotel stays and make your stays eligible for the Marriott Rewards MegaBonus.

According to Craz, the Vacation Card works for Marriott Rewards MegaBonus credit. I did not see anything on the Marriott Rewards Vacation Card webpages stating it is a VISA card, but I assume Craz is familiar with the cards and is more familiar with the Marriott Rewards MegaBonus promotion.

Readers should research this Vacation Card option in more detail if interested.

FlyerTalk thread on current Marriott Rewards MegaBonus.

Delta/Northwest Promotion for Marriott Rewards Vacation Card

Delta/Northwest Promotion for Marriott Rewards Vacation Card

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