SPG Get Closer to Paradise 1,000 Bonus Points per Stay

Starwood Preferred Guest’s latest hotel loyalty promotion offer is 1,000 points per hotel stay in North America, Caribbean, Central America, and South America. There are 26 of 478 participating properties offering only 500 points per stay. After stating in yesterday’s post Priority Club’s combinable promotions is its competitive advantage in hotel loyalty programs, SPG appears to have entered the ring as another contender.

Starwood Lurker, the primary FlyerTalk representative for Starwood Hotels, states the ‘Get Closer to Paradise’ bonus points offer per stay is the first in a series of promotions SPG will roll out in August and September.  The FlyerTalk thread is here, but be warned it is loads of pages with babble. I filtered out the pertinent info for this post.

Great news for loyalty guests. Looking at the terms and conditions for ‘Get Closer to Paradise’ I see one notable term usually found in the fine print missing from this offer. There is no condition listed in the terms & conditions fine print stating this promotion is not to be combined with other promotions.

SPG ‘Get Closer to Paradise’ Offer: Earn 500 bonus points or 1,000 bonus points for each stay at a participating property from August 4 through November 30, 2009.

Get Closer to Paradise Registration Link. Participants must register by November 30 and bonus points will be applied retroactively for all eligible stays.

Participating Hotels Link: Nearly 500 hotels in North America, Caribbean, Central America, South America. This link also shows 26 hotels earning only 500 points per stay. Most, but not all Starwood hotels in the USA are participating.

Important Note: Hotel stays booked prior to August 4 are eligible for this promotion. There is no need to rebook your hotel stays. Any eligible stay including an overnight on August 4 or November 30 will earn the bonus for these dates.

Loyalty Traveler analysis:

I expected the 500 points per stay to apply exclusively to Four Points, Aloft, and Element Hotel brands since these Starwood brands earn only 250 points for a Platinum amenity for hotel stays. In fact, there are just 26 hotels of the 478 participating properties awarding only 500 bonus points.

Some Four Points properties earn 500 bonus points per stay, but most earn 1,000 bonus points. Most Aloft brand hotels and all the Element brand hotels earn 1,000 bonus points.

Starwood Lurker has hinted there will be an Asia/Pacific region promotion announced soon and a Europe/Middle East/Africa region promotion within the next month.

1,000 points per stay favors one-night stays as a points accumulation strategy. This is an adequate bonus worth about $35 in rebate value. As a stand alone promotion this offer ranks as a Loyalty traveler 2 key promotion. Nice bonus, but no need to go out of your way to earn. As a combinable bonus offer this is a Loyalty Traveler 3-key good value offer from Starwood Preferred Guest. Time will tell as SPG keeps on rolling with the hotel loyalty promotions.

SPG ‘Get Closer to Paradise’

Loyalty Traveler Promotion Key = 3 Keys


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