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Westin Bonaventure Los Angeles Free Room Giveaway

Monday, Aug. 3 Update: The next Westin Bonaventure room giveaway promotion is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4 at 10am.

Unclear if all the future giveaways in August will be on Tuesdays?


Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles re-launched its Twitter and website free room giveaway today. Monday mornings thru August 31st at 9am PDT, Los Angeles local time, be one of the first 10 people to contact @thebonaventure and tweet #U.O.Me to win a free room. 40 rooms will also be available for free thru the website at this time.

There were some early morning glitches and the original 9amPDT start time for the giveaway was postponed an hour.

@thebonaventure on Twitter
@thebonaventure on Twitter


I eyed the tweet from @thebonaventure about 15 minutes before the giveaway.

Anyway, I set my atomic clock to make sure I had the correct time this giveaway since I sent my tweet 10 seconds too early the last time they ran this promotion in March.

And I still messed it up this time. I actually forgot to reply to @thebonaventure so my #U.O.Me went to nobody but my own page.

Not to fret. I know how to navigate my way around a hotel website better than posting rapid Twitter tweets so I headed over to http://www.thebonaventure.com/ and searched for the 40 rooms being offered for free on the website. No luck there finding the offer for free rooms.

My impromptu trip to LA for the weekend was put aside as I went on with my day of uploading some of my hotel room videos to YouTube.

Around 2pm I look at Twitter again and see @thebonaventure posted free rooms still available through the website. Now there actually was a special offer link that wasn’t there earlier today.

Westin Bonaventure Free Night link
Westin Bonaventure Free Night link


Westin Bonaventure Free Room Offer web link:



Twitter directions:

1.       Join Twitter

2.       On Monday morning, August 3, 2009 at 9am Los Angeles time leave a tweet like:


@thebonaventure #U.O.Me a free room please since I know how and when to tweet.


(You might want to keep the message shorter like “@thebonaventure #U.O.Me” so you beat out all the people going for those 10 rooms.)

Website directions: Go to http://www.thebonaventure.com/give_away/


Click the link “click here for a chance at a FREE night!” The rate will appear as $0.01 if a room is available. This is how the reservations page looks when a free room is available.

The web is a better way to secure your free room in my opinion. Last time they did this deal I easily found rooms through the website rather than gambling that I could be one of the first ten to contact the hotel through Twitter.

Westin Bonaventure Reservations free room page
Westin Bonaventure Reservations free room page


Twitter is becoming a regular source of good deals. It is in your travel interest to take the time to figure out this social media tool if you are not yet a follower or following Twit.

Next Westin Bonaventure free room giveaway is scheduled for Monday, August 3, 2009 at 9am PDT.

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