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Starwood Hotels Pay Rates Equal to Your Birth Year

Starwood Hotels “Pay Rates Equal to Your Birth Year”

The Offer: Pay for one night and your second and third night room rates are reduced to the year you were born. My mother-in-law is 79 and her birth year is 1929. If she books a participating Starwood hotel on the birth year rate she will only pay $29 for the second and third nights.

Link: http://www.starwoodpromos.com/payyourbirthyear/


Participating Hotels: Limited participation of Starwood Hotels in USA and Canada. Check promotion page for participating hotels.

Promotion code: NBR

Promotion Dates: Birth Year rates are offered through the end of 2009.

Two night minimum stay and three night maximum stay eligible for this Birth year rate offer.

Limited availability of rooms for this offer and blackout dates may apply.

Age restriction: Must be 18 years or older to participate in offer. So forget about your second grader booking a room and paying $1 a night because she was born in 2001. This promo truly favors elderly travelers.

There was a California woman born in 1903 at the San Francisco earthquake commemoration April 18. She could have a 3-night stay at the Westin Pasadena for $205.

Try and beat that rate with a Priceline room!

Caveat: Some high-end hotels have a $100 surcharge accompanying the Birth Year rate.

The San Francisco W has a $199 first night rate. My Birth Year rate is $60 based on my birth year of 1960 for nights two and three. The $100 per night surcharge for the W San Francisco makes the extra nights $160 each and greatly reduces the savings of this offer. I can get a comparable room rate with a 3rd night free offer for W San Francisco.

Many high end hotels are not charging the extra $100 for the 2nd and 3rd nights. Book the rate at one of those hotels and this Birth Year room rate is a great deal.


Come on Grandma – We’re driving to Scottsdale!

Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale is a great place to hang out. Large pools, tennis courts, golf course, and Scottsdale high-end stores just down the street.


Westin Kierland Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona

Westin Kierland Tuesday, May 26 to Friday, May 29 3-night stay on Birth Year Rate Offer

Traditional King Room $169/night. (Scottsdale room rates were double the price last year). I can book a three night stay for $169+$60+$60 = $289 for 3 nights. Westin Kierland for just a little over $100 per night after tax. The lowest room rate at this hotel was $359 per night last year when I stayed there. There is no $100 per night surcharge for the participating Scottsdale hotels.

Here is the true underlying opportunity with the Birth Year rate promotion. Buy the most expensive room type you can afford. You only pay the regular rate for the first night.

Casita Suite King, $269/night. The second and third nights are still priced at my Birth Year rate of $60 per night. Now my room rate is $389 for three nights in a suite. My room rate was only $100 extra for the first night and I get the second and third night in a suite for the same room rate I would have paid for a traditional room.

For an extra $33 per night I get a suite guarantee for my stay. The Westin Kierland last year had a policy of $50 per night on SPG elites for suite upgrades. The Birth Year room rate is an even cheaper upgrade alternative.


Westin Kierland Resort pool, Scottsdale, Arizona


W Scottsdale, $199 first night or $399 for a Studio Suite.

I can pay for a traditional King at $199 + $120 (nights 2 and 3) = $319 ( I save $278 on a 3-night stay).

The Studio Suite will be $399 + $120 = $519 for a 3 night stay. I save $678 with the Birth Year rate and I get a guaranteed suite for just $67 more per night.

The W Scottsdale also has a 3rd night free rate offer. The qualifying rate for the Studio Suite is $439/night. A 3-night stay for May 26-29 will cost $878 + tax with the 3rd night free rate compared to $399 + Birth Year rate. I could take my mother-in-law and get a 3-night suite at the W Scottsdale for $457+ tax. Now that is some serious money saving.

For someone without SPG platinum elite status, the Birth Year room rate is a great bargain for a guaranteed hotel suite.

Grab the old folks and put them in a hotel wth the young folks. Starwood has a real family values offer with this deal.


Totally off-subject:

Starwood’s Birth Year rate promotion made me think of “Harold and Maude”.

Remember the 1971 classic film “Harold and Maude” starring Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort?

Basic plot is suicidally depressed 20-year-old Harold hooks up with 79-year-old Maude. An older woman with a lust for life turns Harold on to living.  The movie is a laugh and the soundtrack is Cat Stevens in top form.  Cameron Crowe, one of my favorite movie directors (Almost Famous, Elizabethtown) was instrumental in getting the soundtrack album for Harold and Maude released in a special 2,500 limited edition for the first time about 16 months ago. In a true record fan retro move to old vinyl days there were variations and bonus items like signed posters, booklets, and silkscreens in limited copies of the limited edition set.

“Well, if you want to sing out, sing out
And if you want to be free, be free
‘Cause there’s a million things to be
You know that there are”

Yusuf (Cat Stevens) lyrics from “If you want to sing out, sing out”


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