DealBase.com –The World’s Best Place to Find Hotel Deals?

There is value in a website like DealBase.com for finding hotel bargains. Here is another metasearch engine to find price discrepancies between the hotel website and the online travel agency hotel rates.

The difference with DealBase.com from just another Kayak.com is the ability to look for hotel bargains by category or tag.

For example a site visitor can look up deals in these category listings:

·         Best Hotel Deals

·         Cheap Hotel Deals

·         Best Five Star Hotel Deals

·         Best Four Star Hotel Deals

·         Cheap Weekend hotel Deals

·         Last Minute Hotel Deals

·         Hotel Deals with the Most Items

·         New Hotels Deals

·         Expensive Hotel Packages

·         Worst Hotel Deals

The problem with searching a category is the geographic diversity of the listings.

When I look at a city like San Francisco then I am hit with dozens of hotel offers. The bottom line for me is I can’t really tell whether the discount deal shown is truly a “deal”. 

For example the JW Marriott San Francisco is listed at $194 and up for a champagne and strawberries night. Regular prices are shown as $369 per night. On another of the 15 pages of deals is the JW Marriott at $199 for a parking package and the hotel regular rate is shown as $294 per night.

Is the $369 per night the regular rate for Champagne and strawberries and $294 per night the regular rate for a room and parking?

If I want to see just JW Marriott San Francisco deals, how do I filter those? It is quite easy actually.

Simply click on the hotel name when it comes up on DealBase.com listings and the website will display all the deals for that particular hotel.

Using tags a visitor can check for Starpoints deals and Hilton HHonors deals, although these sections looked to be fairly basic and little analysis for the “deal” attribute of hotel loyalty points bonus offers.

What I did not see how to do in my limited search time was filter for all hotels in San Francisco offering parking deals.

Another problem I encountered was seeing a good parking deal listed for Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf at $130 and up. The dates I tried were $159.

Can I find out when the $130 rate is available through DealBase.com?

DealBase.com looks poised to be a major player in the coming year as hotel travel deals become more a necessity in this travel environment.

If DealBase.com can fine tune the deal analysis section of this website, then I may be seeking employment in San Mateo.


  • Liz Kao March 30, 2009

    Thanks Ric for taking the time to review our site!

    With regards to some of your observations – we will be working on even more filtering options in the near future; Also, for hotel loyalty points, we base these off a set of estimated guidelines that associate an approximate dollar value to the points. Let us know what sort of additional loyalty points analysis you’d be interested in seeing.

    Finally, it would indeed be interesting to see when the hotels are honoring the lowest rates that they market. We don’t always get visibility into the exact dates for certain rates, but we’re working on something close. Stay tuned!

    Liz Kao
    Director of Operations

  • Last Minute Hotels March 30, 2009

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