American Airlines Double EQM through June 15, 2009

The registration page is uploaded for this double elite qualifying miles offer from American Airlines.

Registration code: DBEQM

Basic terms:

1.    Registration required for double EQM. No credit for flights taken before registration.

2.    Offer applies only to new ticket reservations purchased and traveled between March 18 and June 15, 2009.

3.    Only elite qualifying miles are doubled. There is no doubling of redeemable miles for awards.

Basic benefits: link to AAdvantage Elite Member Guides

1.    12,500 flight miles will earn AAdvantage Gold.  Lots of fee waivers for the periodic traveler.  The savings on baggage fees alone may justify a mileage run trip.

2.    25,000 flight miles will earn AAdvantage Platinum and 100% redeemable mileage bonus. Oneworld Sapphire benefits including complimentary airport lounge access when flying international.

3.    50,000 flight miles will earn Executive Platinum and eight complimentary systemwide one-way upgrade certificates.  Your elite status and certificates will be valid through February 2011.

This just might be the offer that gets me back in the skies. I voluntarily grounded myself in summer 2007 after back-to-back trips to Buenos Aires over an 11 day period in which I spent nearly 20 hours sitting on airplanes on runways at Atlanta, Washington DC Dulles, and New York JFK.  I went from Star Alliance Gold back to driving myself in my car along the west coast for staycations.

Executive Platinum at 50,000 flight miles is economical for a somewhat frequent traveler.

The benefits are huge with waived fees galore and complimentary international upgrade certificates for this year and next.  Spend $2,500 over the next three months, or even less if you have time to fly the really cheap fares, and you can be looking at numerous flights in the front cabins for the next two years.

It has been a while since I did 50,000 miles in economy class, and this deal may not be workable for me due to the family illness. And if it turns out I go on a ticket buying spree, my wife will certainly have sanctioned my absence.  She knows the value of international upgrade certificates awarded to Executive Platinum members.  

For my wife, flying 50,000 miles in economy during a calendar year, let alone three months, is an unfamiliar experience.  She has flown over 50,000 miles in a calendar year during many years, however, the majority of her travel was in Business or First Class. My sheer butt pain from long-haul economy class travel over the years has been her sheer lie-flat bliss in the skies.

Update: March 19 – United Airlines matches with its own Double EQM offer through June 15:,6722,52639,00.html

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