IHG 25,000 points for two Europe/Africa/Middle East Stays

25,000 points for two IHG hotel stays is for hotels in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East at most IHG brand hotels in participating countries.  InterContinental  Hotels are not included.  USA hotels are not participating in this promotion. This promotion is a great opportunity for someone traveling to Europe, Africa, or the Middle East by the end of April 2009. Registration is required.

This promotion is a great value for new members to try Priority Club, however, the promotion is open to new and existing members. The offer has high leverage value for hotel guests who do not normally stay in Priority Club hotels of Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Expressm Hotel Indigo, and Staybridge Suites brands as the promotion guarantees 25,000 points for two stays by April 30, 2009.

A guest could choose to fulfill the promotion with two one-night stays. 25,000 points earned June 15, 2009 are sufficient for many Priority Club hotels with daily rates of $300 or more.

This offer has more subtle terms and conditions than most hotel loyalty promotions

Stay two times at a participating IHG Priority Club hotel in the Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, or Hotel Indigo in Europe, Middle East, or Africa and receive a minimum 25,000 points for the promotional period.  See list below for participating countries.

Important Note About Registering for this Promotion:

Points earned prior to registration for this promotion do not count towards 25,000 point total.  If you are currently registered for the 3,000 points every three nights promotion and earning lots of bonus points from that deal, then do not register for this promotion until your last two stays before April 30, 2009. The fine print states the promotion does not apply retroactively to stays prior to registration.

This promotion will guarantee 25,000 points bonus in your account for two qualifying stays during the promotional period of March 9 to April 30, 2009. Priority Club will issue the difference in points between the total points you earn during the promotional period for stays and bonuses (points are only counted after you register for the promotion) and 25,000 points total for this promotion.

This means the fewer points you earn during the promotional period after registering for this promotion, the greater your bonus points to take you to 25,000 points.

 The promotion is of greatest value to someone who will only have two hotel stays during the promotional period.  Hypothetically, a guest could spend $75US per night and $150 for two stays. The member would earn 1,500 points for the two stays. This promotion will earn an additional 23,500 points to the Priority Club member’s account on June 15, 2009.  The member can then redeem a free night at most IHG brand hotels.

On the other hand — A frequent guest signed up for the 3,000 points every 3 nights promotion and this 25,000 points for two stays promotion who spends $75 per night for 9 nights during the promotion period will earn $675 x 10 points/$1 = 6,750 base points + 9,000 bonus points for the every third night promotion = 15,750 points.

This frequent guest will only earn an additional 9,250 bonus points on June 15, 2009 to bring the member’s account total for the promotion period to 25,000 points. This is why a member should wait until the last two stays to register to minimize the points counted towards the 25,000 point total.

A Priority Club member who stays 15 nights at $100 per night by April 30, 2009 would earn 15,000 base points and 15,000 bonus points for 3,000 points every 3 nights. This member does not earn any bonus points for the two stays promotion since the member earns 30,000 points from the other promotions. This member can still benefit by waiting until the last two stays before April 30, 2009 to register for this 25,000 point promotion and increase the earning from this separate bonus offer.

Priority Club does a great job with their table showing different stay patterns and points earned on the promotion page.  They did much of my job for me in analyzing this promotion in an easy to read table.

Important points to remember for this promotion:


1.    A stay is defined as one night or consecutive nights at the same hotel, regardless of frequency of check-in/out.


2.    A stay is qualified when paying qualifying room rates, which include most business and leisure rates.


3.    No retroactive points or miles will be awarded for stays prior to promotion registration.


4.    You must have recorded a preference to earn Priority Club Points in your Member Profile to participate. Priority Club members with a preference to earn Miles are not eligible for this Holiday Nights promotion.


5.    No retroactive points will be awarded for stays which awarded Miles during the promotional period, regardless of registration for the promotion. The calculation of the additional points required to receive the minimum of 25,000 points will include all points earned from all hotel stay-related activities between the promotional dates only.


6.    All points will be credited to the member’s accounts by 15 June 2009. The free night will only be available to take after the points have been credited into the members account on 15 June 2009.


Promotion Terms and Conditions link.

Registering for this promotion automatically registers you for the 3,000 points after 3 nights promotion.

Pay attention to participating countries for this 25,000 point bonus. This offer is not valid for USA hotels or for hotels in several European countries.

Western Europe

·         UK,

·         Germany,

·         France,

·         Belgium,

·         Netherlands,

·         Italy,

·         Spain,

·         Switzerland,

Middle East/Africa

·         Bahrain

·         Egypt

·         Ghana

·         Jordan

·         Kenya

·         Kuwait

·         Lebanon

·         Mozambique

·         Oman

·         Saudi Arabia

·         South Africa

·         Tanzania

·         UAE

·         Yemen

·         Zambia

·         Zimbabwe

Example fulfillment of promotion:

Holiday Inn Cannes Le Cannet, France 90 EUR April 13, 2009

Holiday Inn Nice Port St. Laurent Resort 105EUR April 16, 2009

Spend about $275USD for two nights and you earn points sufficient for a free night at about 4,000 IHG Priority Club hotels around the world.  Your points will be worth more than $275 per night at some hotels. 

Say you spend $550 for four nights. Redeem your free night next summer at a $300 per night hotel and you get a better than 50% rebate on your international travel, as long as you are in one of the participating countries before the end of April to take advantage of this 25,000 bonus points promotion.

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