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Comparison of Points Earning for Winter 2009 Hotel Promotions

This is the week of the 2009 hotel loyalty programs’ promotion launches.  Hilton got the jump with a Tuesday start, Starwood’s first quarter promotion launched yesterday, Hyatt will launch tomorrow and Priority Club goes into effect on Monday, Jan. 12.  Marriott Rewards members must wait until February 1 for their promotional bonus. 

Loyalty Traveler has put together a table of earnings for members showing just the bonus points earned from these promotions based on different hotel stay scenarios. 

Hilton HHonors: Jan 6 – April 6  promotion link

Double Base Points promotion – 30 points 25 points per $1 with Points & Points earning preference (elite bonus points are additional). No points limit.

LT update Jan 13: Hilton HHonors sent out a press release on January 7 explicitly stating HHonors members choosing Points & Points earning preference would earn a total of 30 points per $1 with the Double Base Points promotion.  Monday, January 12, HHonors reissued the Press Release stating the actual earning rate will be 10 base points + 15 bonus points or 25 points per $1.  Elite member bonus is in addition to the 25 points per $1. 


Hyatt Gold Passport – Jan 9-April 30  promotion link

Earn 2,000 points after 2 nights; an additional 4,000 after 4 nights, an additional 6,000 points after 6 nights and an additional 8,000 points for 20,000 bonus points total after 8 nights.  Maximum bonus is 20,000 points.


IHG Priority Club– Jan 12-April 30   promotion link

Earn 3,000 points for every 3 nights, up to 30,000 points maximum.


Marriott – Feb 1-April 30  promotion link

Earn 2,500 points per stay beginning with 2nd stay.  Maximum points earned is 25,000.

10 nights as 10 stays would earn 22,500 points.  One stay of 10 nights would not earn any promotion bonus since bonus kicks in with 2nd stay.


Starwood – January 7-April 30  promotion link

Earn 500 points per night and 5,000 additional points with 10 nights.

10,000 points after 10 nights.  No points limit.


Key Points:  All these promotional offers are based on nights except for Marriott.  One extended stay of a week or more will earn a significant bonus from these offers except for Marriott’s promotion which favors numerous short duration hotel stays.


Marriott’s promotion does not start until February and all promotions end April 30, except Hilton which ends earlier on April 6.


Comparison of Bonus Points Earned in Winter 2009 Hotel Loyalty Program Promotions:

$100 base room rate per night

Hyatt Gold Passport

Hilton HHonors (Points & Points)

IHG Priority Club

Marriott Rewards

Starwood       Preferred Guest

4 one-night stays (4 nights / 4 stays = $400)

6,000 bonus points

6,000 bonus points

3,000 bonus points

7,500 bonus points

2,000 bonus points

8 one-night stays (8 nights / 8 stays = $800)

20,000 bonus points

12,000 bonus points

6,000 bonus points

17,500 bonus points

4,000 bonus points

1 one-night stay- 1 seven-night stay; 1 two-night stay  (10 nights /        3 stays =$1,000)

20,000 bonus points

15,000 bonus points

9,000 bonus points

5,000 bonus points

10,000 bonus points

2 three-night stays and 4 two-night stays (14 nights/6 stays = $1,400)

20,000 bonus points

21,000 bonus points

12,000 bonus points

12,500 bonus points

12,000 bonus points

6 one-night stays; 5 two-night stays.       

(16 nights/11 stays = $1,600)

20,000 bonus points

24,000 bonus points

15,000 bonus points

25,000 bonus points

13,000 bonus points


The table only shows bonus points earned from the current Winter 2009 promotions. Regular points a member earns for hotel stays based on elite membership level are additional to totals shown in table.

Marriott Rewards members are the only ones affected by length of hotel stay.  The Marriott promotion favors the guest with many hotel stays, whereas bonus points earned through these promotions based on hotel nights in the other four chains will not be affected by length of stay.

20,000 Gold Passport points earned after 8 nights is sufficient for any Hyatt Hotel with the highest Category 5 hotel free night award costing 18,000 points.   This table is based on the assumption that Hyatt has a 20,000 point maximum.  Terms of the Winter 2009 promotion will be posted tomorrow, January 9 at Hyatt.com.

 Jan 9 Update:  Hilton HHonors cell changed to 15,000 for the 10 nights/3 stays.  I originally posted this as 20,000 bonus points.













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