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Hilton Giving 6x Delta Miles Per Stay through February 28.

Delta is printing miles as fast as the US Government is printing money. 

One of the often touted features of Hilton HHonors is the ability to earn both hotel points and airline miles for your hotel stays.  All other major hotel loyalty programs give either points or miles.  And choosing miles is generally a lower value proposition as a hotel loyalty program reward.

Hilton HHonors and Delta Airlines turn that notion around.  Hilton hotel brand stays will earn six times the Delta Airline Skymiles normally awarded for hotel stays through February 2009. Stays must be 2 nights or more to earn the 6x Delta miles bonus.

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Not all Hilton brand properties are participating.  Check the Six Times the Miles participating hotels list.


Hilton HHonors My Way Double Dip Earning Style

Hilton HHonors members can select from three HHonors earning preferences for hotel stays:

1.    Points & Points

2.    Points and Fixed Miles*

3.    Points and Variable Miles*

*HHonors member must designate a preferred airline frequent flyer program among the HHonors partner airlines for mileage deposits.

HHonors Points and Points earners receive 15 HHonors points per $1US in hotel spending.  (Earn 10 points per dollar regular earning and an additional 5 points per dollar bonus.)  

HHonors members with a Points and Points preference will not qualify for the Delta promotion.  You can change your HHonors profile online to select one of the two Points & Miles Double Dip earning options to earn the Delta miles bonus.

HHonors Points and Fixed Miles (57 fixed miles partners)

Fixed Miles Earned Per Hotel Stay, normally = 500 miles awarded per hotel stay, except for Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites earn only 100 miles per hotel stay.

Delta 6x Bonus Miles Promotion = 3,000 miles per Hilton brand hotel stay, except Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites earn only 600 miles per hotel stay.

Don’t waste this promotion on Hampton Inn or Homewood Suites stays for only 600 miles. 

3,000 miles is quite an incentive to pay a little more to stay in another Hilton brand like Hilton Garden Inn, Doubletree, Conrad, or Hilton.  The miles can have $50 in future value on tickets using miles, however, the recent adoption of a three tier redemption rate for Delta Airline tickets using miles may prove to give Delta miles a lower than 2 cents/mile future value in many cases.

HHonors Points and Variable Miles (43 variable miles partners)

Delta 6x Bonus Miles Promotion = 6 miles earned per $1US in hotel spending.

Variable Miles Earned per Hotel Stay, normally = 1 mile earned per $1US in hotel spending.

For a Homewood Suites or Hampton Inn hotel stay with a total projected spending in excess of $100 you will earn more with a Variable Miles preference rather than Fixed Miles, (remember taxes and fees do not count for base hotel spending).  For all other brands you would need to spend more than $500 for your hotel stay to earn more with the Variable Miles earning option.

You have the option of changing your miles earning preference between hotel stays.

 Hilton HHonors Check-in Desk, Hilton Singapore

Hilton HHonors Check-In Desk, Hilton Singapore (2006)