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Fairmont Hotels Spectacular 7-Day Winter Sale Update

Update Wednesday 10-22-08.   

Monday, October 20, I analyzed the Fairmont Hotels 7-day winter sale offering up to a 20% discount and a free night in this post.  The problem was the promotion terms and conditions did not mention the free night specifics.  Sample bookings I tried on the internet did not show a free night being calculated in the total stay hotel pricing.  My conclusion was this promotion was flawed because either the free night was not being offered or the details of the free night offer were not clear to the consumer booking the Winter Sale rates on the internet.

On Monday, October 20, I contacted Fairmont Hotels marketing department asking for clarification of the 7-Day Winter Sale promotion and Free Night offer.  I questioned the telephone customer service reply I had received regarding the free night being credited back to the guest’s account at checkout since this detail was not mentioned anywhere in the promotion terms and conditions.  It is not uncommon to get incorrect responses from customer service agents when making phone inquiries.  I wanted a written response regarding the free night terms before urging people to make a non-refundable $3,000 hotel reservation.

This morning I received an email from David Doucette, Executive Director of Internet Marketing for Fairmont Raffles Hotels International.  The website promotion pages have been updated to include the sentences:

“Advertised rates do not include price adjustment for the free night. Free night credit is applied at check-out.”

Loyalty Traveler gives this deal a big thumbs up in light of the explicit free night clarification now shown for this promotion. 

There are still 5 1/2 days to take advantage of the great rates being offered for this 7-Day Winter sale promotion. 

The offer was a good deal and now I consider it a great deal.  The free night on top of the 10% to 20% nightly rate discount makes this sale up to a 40% discount on Fairmont Hotel rooms.  This is exactly the kind of hotel deal travelers need in this economy.

I do not have time today to rewrite my October 20 post, but aside from the drawback of these Winter Sale hotel rates being nonrefundable, the opportunity to book a luxury Fairmont hotel stay at up to a 40% discount is an offer you may want to jump on this week.