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Leading Hotels of the World 1928 Promotion on October 1

Leading Hotels of the World $19.28 Promotion for 80 Minutes on Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) is the largest luxury hotel brand around the globe.

Bernardus Lodge Carmel California LHW hotel member

Bernardus Lodge, Carmel Valley, California, Leading Hotels of the World participating member in 1928 promotion

The LHW Offer:  6,000 luxury hotel rooms — 96 luxury hotels — 45 nights — $19.28 room rates

… if you are lucky enough to secure a reservation.

Booking Window: Wednesday, October 1, 2008 beginning at 8am Eastern time for an 80 minute window at $19.28 rates.

Eligible hotel stay period:  November 1 – December 15, 2008 is the stay period eligible for $19.28 room rates.

Registration required at this LHW link to be eligible for $19.28 rates.

Maximum of one hotel reservation per household and maximum 2 nights at $19.28 rate.

LHW 1928 Promotion Terms and Conditions – link here.

Bernardus Lodge grounds Carmel California LHW member hotel

Bernardus Lodge croquet lawn, Carmel Valley, California

Steps to success:

1.      Register for LHW promotion here.

2.      Study the hotel properties.  Pick your top 3 to 5 hotel locations for destinations that you are confident in being able to travel to during the 45 days eligible for the $19.28 rates.  

3.      Remember one reservation per household for a maximum two nights at $19.28 per night.

4.      Keep in mind that hotel urban locations tend to have better availability on weekends and resort locations tend to have better availability on weekdays.  This may or may not be the case for this promotion.

 Bernardus Lodge pool, Carmel Valley, California LHW hotel member

Bernardus Lodge pool, Carmel Valley, CA

This is a good promotion for exposing travelers to the Leading Hotels of the World group of luxury accommodations.  And this is an incredible opportunity for hotel room rate savings with the most expensive luxury hotel brand in the world.  A news report last February showed the average room rate for the Leading Hotels of the World hotel members in 2007 was $470.  This group of hotels had the highest average room rate of the luxury hotel segment. 

1928 is the year the Leading Hotels of the World was founded hence the $19.28 promotional rates.

Bernardus Lodge lobby seating Carmel CA LHW member hotel

Bernardus Lodge lobby seating, Carmel Valley, CA

Total room night sales of 1.65 million in 2007 with fewer than 250,000 of those rooms booked over the internet at www.lhw.com may be a primary reason for this discount promotion.   With five of six hotel room nights booked for LHW stays not happening through the lhw.com website this promotion is a good marketing tool to increase reservations traffic over the internet.

Promotions like the 1928 online promotion are a clever marketing strategy for increasing LHW brand awareness, new Leaders Club members, and lhw.com website activity.  The Leading Hotels of the World has over 450 hotel members and about 84,000 rooms worldwide.  A bit more than 20% of the LHW hotel members are participating in this promotion. 

Bernardus Lodge cabin in spring flowers Carmel Valley CA

Bernardus Lodge cabin room surrounded by spring flowers, Carmel Valley, CA

Leaders Club is a $300 membership hotel loyalty program for Leading Hotels of the World.  For hotel travelers who plan to stay at a LHW member hotel on regular paid rates, the Leaders Club is a means to complimentary upgrades that will likely result in a rebate equivalent to the membership fee after one hotel stay.  Complimentary membership to Leaders Club is available for newsletters and special offers, but don’t expect the complimentary upgrades with a complimentary Leaders Club membership.

Bernardus Lodge fountain Carmel California

Bernardus Lodge fountain and rooms, Carmel Valley, CA

Geographic regions for 97 participating

hotel members in the 1928 promotion.


South Africa    2 hotels

South America    5 hotels

Caribbean    2 hotels

North America    14 hotels

Europe    63 hotels

Asia    11 hotels


Bernardus Lodge Carmel CA tennis

Bernardus Lodge tennis courts, Carmel Valley, CA


If at first you don’t succeed…try…try…try again.

The past month has seen me frustrated with trying to secure these “first-come, first-served” promotions with unsuccessful attempts at getting the Sheraton San Diego for $5.01 a couple of weeks back (LT post here) and prior to that the Super 8 Motels $8.88 rooms (LT post here). 

Bernardus Lodge Spa, Carmel Valley, CA

Bernardus Lodge Spa, Carmel Valley, CA

While I don’t count on landing this incredible hotel deal, the opportunity to book a luxury hotel room night selling for less than 5% of the average daily rates for most of these participating hotels will have me setting my alarm clock, and readying my mouse finger for scrolling and clicking at 5am California time Wednesday morning, October 1. 


 Bernardus Lodge vineyard, Carmel Valley, CA

Bernardus Lodge Ingrid’s Vineyard, Carmel Valley, CA




  • Ric Garrido September 29, 2008

    I received this email from LHW today with FAQ and tips for this $19.28 sale:

    “Dear Richard Garrido,

    We are delighted to reconfirm that you are registered to participate in the USD 19.28 promotion. As the promotion has received a tremendous response, we have attached some frequently asked questions and information to assist you in making the most of the sale.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you really selling these rooms for USD 19.28?

    Absolutely! Our hotels have generously offered us inventory, totaling over 6,000 room nights, at the promotional rate in US Dollars or at an equivalent rate in local currency. The promotional rate does not include tax, VAT, service charges, or supplemental fees.
    What time does the sale start?

    The sale will start promptly at 12:00 noon GMT on October 1, 2008. This means 8 AM in New York, 2 PM in Paris, and 9 PM in Tokyo. To learn what time it will begin in your city, please visit the world clock site by clicking here.
    How will I book the sale?

    The USD 19.28 sale is being sold exclusively on our website through a specially developed, dedicated web page. On the day of the sale, at the appointed hour, you’ll be able to access the sale by logging into http://www.lhw.com/1928 using the email with which you registered. The sale will not be available via our reservations centers.
    Is the rate for a single or double room?

    The room rate is the same for both singles and doubles.
    What is the maximum number of nights I can reserve?

    The sale rooms are being sold with a maximum of two nights per customer.
    What if I need to extend my stay?

    Given the magnificent destinations that are going on sale, we expect that two days will not be enough for most of our customers, so we’ve made it easy for you to “complete your vacation” as part of the sale. Based upon availability, you’ll have a chance to add nights before or after your sale priced stay either in the same hotel or, if you’d like, in another Leading hotel nearby.
    What is the timeframe for travel?

    Sale stays will be available between November 1 and December 15, 2008. Dates may vary at participating hotels.

    Tips for Making the Most of the Sale

    Given the response we’ve received to the sale, and the limited availability of the inventory, you may also be wondering how to improve your chances of securing a room at the sale rate. Here are a few ideas:

    Get to the sale early!

    Like all good sales with limited inventory, the smartest thing you can do is to log in as early as possible. Inventory is limited, and will be sold on a first come, first served basis after 12 noon GMT.
    Be prepared!

    Given the speed with which we expect the available nights to sell out, it’s a good idea to visit the site now and familiarize yourself with the hotels and locations that are being offered. Our recently redesigned site now has maps, more photos, and even destination guides you can use to get to know the sale locations. Knowing in advance where you want to stay will allow you to quickly select those places during the sale and improve your chance of getting what you want.
    Time is of the essence!

    The sale is going to move very quickly, so be ready to be decisive. Once you’ve selected your location and desired dates, you will be presented with hotel choices that fit your travel wishes. In an effort to give as many people access to the sale inventory as possible, we’ll only be holding your rooms for a limited time. Pay attention to the timer on the screen and act fast or you’ll risk losing them.
    Be flexible!

    At just USD 19.28 per night, all of the stays we are offering provide a great opportunity to get to know terrific new destinations. You’ll have a better chance of getting something if you consider travelling to more than just the places you’re familiar with.
    Two nights is just the beginning!

    Once you’ve secured your two sale nights, remember that you can book additional reservations via the LHW.com web site to extend your vacation. Information on the 80th Anniversary offer, including terms and conditions, is available by calling 1-800-643-8881 within the USA & Canada. Elsewhere use 1-407-681-6134.

    We are very excited about the sale, and we hope you are too! See you on October 1st.

    Thank You,

    The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd.

    *All purchases are restricted to one reservation per customer and are non-transferable. Any additional or improperly booked reservations at the USD 19.28 promotional rate will be subject to cancellation by the hotel and/or The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. Room nights cannot be resold through any alternate distribution channels. Reservations are subject to the other terms and conditions of the reservation, including occupancy restrictions and cancellation policies. Hotels may request identification to verify billing address at time of check-in.

    Loyalty Traveler note: And I don’t have any promo relationship with Bernardus Lodge. This LHW hotel is about 12 miles from my home and I have photos of their property.

    And Bernardus Lodge is a clue as to where I will be trying to get my November “staycation”.

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