Traveling with Children? Read

Traveling with Children?  Read

Speaking with my sister-in-law yesterday I was blown away by her statement that she hasn’t had twenty-four hours alone with her husband since their baby daughter arrived.  And now they are heading to London in November to see his side of the family.  When I told her how she could take two flights and save a few hundred dollars compared to a non-stop I could hear her eyes roll over the phone.   She said her savings would need to be quite a few hundred dollars to stretch the trip to two flights and risk a missed connection and a layover with the child, stroller, and baby gear. is a blog and website to check out when you are freaking out about travel with children.  Seattle-based blogger Debbie Dubrow has a great site with advice and travel tips for surviving trips with your kids. 

The City Guides section has loads of activities and sites useful for most travelers, not just families, and city guides provide lots of links to restaurants, hotels, shopping, activities, and sample activity itineraries. is good travel reading whether or not you are sleeplessly frantic about that upcoming flight with the kid(s).

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