The Nation’s 11th Annual Cruise

The Nation’s 11th Annual Caribbean Cruise

Holland America Westerdam, December 14-21, 2008, Fort Lauderdale

I took my first cruise last year on Holland America’s Oosterdam ship to Alaska (not The Nation cruise). The room was small, the views were incredible, and my wife was quarantined to our room for the first 3 days of a 7 day cruise as she came down with an incredible case of food poisoning about 3 hours after leaving Seattle.  Thankfully we had a verandah for her to sit outside once she was feeling well enough to get out of bed.  Oh, and it was not the cruise ship food that made her sick!  Once she could eat again, the Holland America dining options for food were a treat.

Rather than song and dance shows I would prefer to be educated and have thoughtful discussion when stuck with a large group of people in a confined space.  A Caribbean cruise with intelligent speakers discussing the really important questions and issues of our time is a vacation idea that caught my attention today. 

The Nation’s 11th Annual Cruise is billed as the ‘Bye, Bye (G.W.) Bush Caribbean Cruise’.   I laughed this morning when I heard presidential candidate Ralph Nader on Democracy Now refer to our President as King George.

The Nation Cruise could be your ‘Loveboat’ adventure or a week of purgatory depending on your political leaning –

port (The Nation) or starboard (National Review).


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  1. Have anyone traveled to charlisangels exotic vacations resort? I would love to take a cruise trip to that resort.

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