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Hyatt Gold Passport – Many of the Hyatt hotel specific ‘G bonuses’ from summer have been extended into fall 2008 for an opportunity to add 1,000 to 2,000 points per stay simply by booking through the Gold Passport bonus offers links.  Reservations made using the links on the Hyatt Gold Passport Bonus Offers page significantly increase your points earning with each stay. 

Hyatt has a large number of hotels in the Category 1 to Category 2 points redemption range.   Category 1 hotels are 5,000 points for a free night.  Category 2 hotels cost 8,000 points per free night and Category 3 hotels jump to 12,000 points.  There are a number of airport Hyatt Place hotels in the USA at Category 1 and several urban locations and even some international  resorts in Category 2 where rates can be well over $200 per night. 

On a $100 per night paid stay a member can potentially earn 2,500 points or 50% of the cost of a free Category 1 hotel room or 30% of a Category 2 hotel award room.

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, California (Category 3 hotel)

2,000 points G bonus (through August 31)

Friday, August 22-23

$96.75 nonrefundable rate

General  Member = 2,000 bonus points + 483 regular base points = 2,483 points


Diamond member = 2,000 bonus points + 483 regular base points + 1,000 diamond amenity points + 144 elite bonus points (30% on base points)= 3,627 points


Potential Redemption value:

Hyatt Place Fremont, California

Tue Sep 16

Redemption for a free room at this Category 1 hotel is 5,000 points


you can pay $151 per night for this weekday date.


If saving for a beach vacation is more your style, then the Hyatt Cancun Caribe Resort is a bargain at 8,000 points per night for a beach resort where daily rates often top $200 per night in the winter season.


Gold Passport Bonus Offers are a great way to increase your points earnings on paid hotel stays.

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