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Grand Cafe, Hotel Monaco, San Francisco, Kimpton Hotels

Grand Cafe Bar, Hotel Monaco, San Francisco

Kimpton Hotels Low Summer Rates for San Francisco


Special summer rates at any San Francisco Kimpton Hotel for stays now through September 1, 2008.      

            Harbor Court Hotel                 $109 (Thursday-Sunday)

            Hotel Triton                            $109 (Thursday-Sunday)

            Serrano Hotel                          $119 (Thursday-Sunday)

            Prescott Hotel                         $129 (anyday)

            Sir Francis Drake Hotel          $139 (anyday, except Saturday)

            Hotel Monaco                         $159 (Thursday-Sunday)

            Hotel Palomar                         $159 (Thursday-Sunday)

            Argonaut Hotel                       $169 (anyday, except Fridays and Saturdays)

There was availability for 8 dates of 10 searches I checked.  (Harbor Court Hotel was unavailable on two dates checked.) An interesting feature of this promotion is the availability of the low rate on any day of the week for at least 3 hotels in San Francisco.  Monday to Thursday are usually the highest rates of the week for downtown San Francisco. 

These hotel rates for summer travel in San Francisco are competitive summer rates for the City and substantially less than rates I saw in searches two weeks ago.  Compare the benefits for a Kimpton InTouch loyalty traveler to the recent InsideFlyer’s July 2008 article on hotel loyalty programs and free nights earned based on hotel spending.  In their analysis, a traveler spending $2,052 will earn only one free night in San Francisco with just 4 of 9 hotel loyalty programs.  Kimpton Hotels is not included in their analysis.

2 free hotel nights at any Kimpton hotel can be earned for under $1,000 (including the 14% tax).  Kimpton InTouch is running a promotion for 1 free night after 3 stays and the regular benefit for InTouch members is a free night after 7 stays.  2 free nights can easily have a value of $600 to $800 in some hotel locations.  For 10 stays in 10 different Kimpton Hotels in the calendar year a person can earn an additional 2 free nights at any Kimpton Hotel with the Kimpton Passport Reward.  Kimpton InTouch can bring the frequent guest 4 free nights for an investment under $1,500 for 10 one-night hotel stays in 10 different hotels.  This achievement can even be accomplished without leaving California.

4 free hotel nights for a $1,500 investment in Kimpton Hotels this year with strategic hotel stays matches the free nights earned with the best of the 9 loyalty programs Inside Flyer reviewed based on a frequent guest spending approaching $6,000 per year.

Summer 2008 may be a good time to get InTouch with Kimpton Hotels.


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