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Kimpton Hotels is a boutique hotel chain with over 40 hotels in the USA and Canada. San Francisco (9 hotels) and Washington D.C. (7 hotels) are the best covered cities. The Hotel Monaco, Denver (Kimpton has 8 Hotel Monaco’s in the USA) was mentioned in a February blog post as the #1 rated hotel on TripAdvisor for Denver, Colorado (now it is ranked #3 on TripAdvisor 4-17-08). After touring several of the big chain hotels in downtown Denver, the Hotel Monaco, Denver property was a relaxing haven from the bustle of the big box hotels of Hyatt, Marriott, and Westin.

Kimpton Group is planning significant development expansion of boutique hotel properties over the next few years to the tune of $800 million.

InTouch is Kimpton Hotels’ guest loyalty program.

Basic features are:
– A free hotel night is earned after every 7 eligible stays or 20 eligible nights (not required to be in a single calendar year). Free night credits are posted quarterly to member account.

Inner Circle elite level status is earned after 15 eligible stays or 45 eligible nights in a calendar year. Benefits include complimentary upgrades and personalized in-room amenities for your hotel stay.

– A Year-end bonus award with a gift certificate value is earned based on total stays or nights in calendar year. Range from 20 stays = $50 to 45 stays = $800 value for Kimpton partner restaurants, spa services, or KimptonStyle catalog. 50 stays earns a $1,500 chef-hosted dinner or cocktail party at a Kimpton Hotel partner restaurant.

– Stays at 10 different Kimpton Hotels in a calendar year earns a complimentary 2-free nights “Kimpton Passport Reward”.

– On top of all these benefits listed, the Kimpton InTouch membership card looks nice.

TripAdvisor ranks Hotel Argonaut #7 of 238 San Francisco hotels. Hotel Palomar #25, Hotel Monaco San Francisco ranks #26, Prescott Hotel #36, Harbor Court Hotel #46, Serrano Hotel #54, Hotel Triton #84, and Sir Francis Drake #102 (TripAdvisor rankings are from 4-17-08).

Hotel Monaco, Portland, Oregon is rated #2 in popularity of 119 hotels ranked on TripAdvisor.

Hotel Marlowe is ranked # 1 of 16 hotels in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hotel Palomar, Dallas is ranked # 1 of 168 hotels ranked on TripAdvisor.

The Muse New York is ranked #68 of 340 New York City hotels ranked on TripAdvisor.

Hotel Burnham, Chicago ranks #9 of 164 hotels ranked on TripAdvisor.

The popularity of Kimpton boutique hotels is apparent in the number of guest reviews and the generally high overall ranking of Kimpton Hotel properties in a variety of cities. Most of the Kimpton hotels have over 100 guest reviews listed on TripAdvisor. The hotel traveler has lots of data and anecdotes to look over when making a Kimpton hotel selection.

The small number of Kimpton hotels in select major US cities is the primary limitation of the Kimpton loyalty program. If Kimpton hotel stays fit into your travel lifestyle, then you should definitely consider getting InTouch Kimpton loyalty membership.