The Hilton IPO of December 2013 resulted in more portfolio transparency with public access now available to Hilton Worldwide hotel data. Finally, I can create a table of numbers for the ten Hilton brands from the company’s quarterly financial report covering 2013 full year and Q4-2013.

One of the most annoying aspects of Hilton Worldwide the past few years is the company did not publicly release information about its hotel numbers and room rates across the hotel chain. Basic data was not easily accessible for stuff like:

  • How many Hampton Inn or Hilton Garden Hotels are open?
  • What are average room rates at different Hilton hotel brands?
  • Which hotel brands are in different regions?
  • How many Hilton brand hotels are outside the USA?

Gathering these pieces of data with other hotel chains is simply a matter of checking the quarterly investor financial reports publicly available on the web. Hilton Worldwide as a private company until late 2013 did not post most of this data and their website was always hard to determine which data was accurate since some webpages citing hotel brand statistics were several years old.

The fall 2013 Hilton IPO changed all that.

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Gary Leff spouted off this morning about La Quinta Inns being an unsuitable hotel chain for the way he likes to travel. My god, they don’t even have room service!

And even though he has never slept at a La Quinta Inn, he implies the housekeeping staff does not clean the rooms to the same standard a guest will find at a full-service hotel chain like IHG, Hilton or Hyatt.

Yet, he has no problem being a member of La Quinta Returns loyalty program to collect free points.

Here is my rebuttal for you Gary and a reason to build your account balance beyond 300 points.

Waldorf-Astoria Resorts – here we come with ice coolers.

Here is a Loyalty Traveler lesson in cheap value for travelers who can get by without room service morning coffee for hotel stays at La Quinta Inns & Suites.

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Waldorf Astoria is Hilton’s luxury hotel brand.  Two rebranded properties in Europe resulted in two new Waldorf Astoria Collection hotels.  The Hilton Cavalieri rebranded last fall into Rome Cavalieri – Waldorf Astoria Collection, and the rebranding of the Westin Trianon Palace to the Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace Versailles, France.

Trianon Palace has four night reward discounts of 20% for stays booked and stayed by July 15, 2009.  The 40,000 points per night low season awards ended February 28, 2009.  The discounted per night rate was 32,000 points or 128,000 points for four nights in low season with a TR4LS Reward. 

Through July 15, 2009 the rate is a 20% discount on 60,000 points per night or 48,000 points per night.  The four night reward stay TR4HS is 192,000 points.

The Hilton HHonors Offer:

“Enjoy a 20% discount on reward stays of four nights at any of four luxurious Hilton Family hotels in the world’s most romantic city, including our newest addition to The Waldorf Astoria Collection. Offer valid for reward stays booked and completed between now and July 15, 2009.

Participating Hotels

Reward Code


Hilton Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

PCH4N  96,000

Hilton Paris La Defense

PLD4N 128,000

Hilton Paris Orly Airport 

POR4N  96,000

Trianon Palace Versailles, The Waldorf Astoria Collection

TR4LS* 128,000/ TR4HS** 192,000


 *TR4LS valid for reward stays between January 19 and February 28, 2009.
**TR4HS valid for reward stays between March 1 and July 15, 2009.Special Offer

Dates: January 19 – July 15, 2009

Terms and Conditions
All four-night reward stays must be booked and consumed by July 15, 2009 in order to receive the 20% discount.

New Launch special rate of 279EUR per night includes breakfast buffet and spa pool access for Trianon Palace guests who prefer to earn points than spend points for the hotel stay.


I speak from experience when I dole out my advice:

Don’t book a Paris four night stay at an airport hotel.


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