Ritz-Carlton Rewards 50,000 bonus points after five nights at Ritz-Carlton hotels is a new promotion offer for stays between July 1 and October 31, 2014. The bonus points may be earned twice for 100,000 points after ten nights. Registration required by September 30, 2014.

The webpage states this offer is targeted and you must be a Ritz-Carlton Rewards member at time of registration. You have nothing to lose trying to register for this promotion if this offer looks better for you than the earn one free night after two stays with Ritz-Carlton.

Loyalty Traveler: Ritz-Carlton free night after two stays July 1- Oct 31, 2014 (June 6, 2014). Ritz-Carlton Rewards member must register by September 30, 2014. Limit of two free nights during this promotion.

Also, Ritz-Carlton Rewards members receive double credit for elite qualification for stays at Ritz-Carlton hotels in 2014. This means 25 nights at Ritz-Carlton Hotels in 2014 earns Gold elite membership.

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Ritz Carlton Rewards has released a high value offer of one free night after two paid stays from July 1 to October 31, 2014. There is a limit of two free night certificates per member. The free night certificate is limited to Ritz-Carlton Tier 1 to 3 hotels. Free night certificates are not transferable and expire six months from issuance.

Registration is required by September 30 and you must be a Ritz-Carlton Rewards member who is not a Marriott Rewards member. New members to Ritz-Carlton Rewards as of June 4 will be automatically registered for this offer.

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Aruba will have a new luxury hotel when the Ritz-Carlton on Palm Beach opens tomorrow with 320 guest rooms including 55 suites, each room with a private balcony. The resort facilities include four restaurants, two swimming pools, a spa and casino.

As if the rates are not high enough, a stay at the Ritz-Carton Aruba is accompanied by 13.5% daily service charge and 9.5% tax and $3.00 per night environment fee. That is around an additional 24% on top of the $600+ starting level room rates.

RitzCarlton Aruba

These gnarly wind-shaped trees on the beach seem to be the primary image for the hotel in stories I have seen.

There are two Ritz-Carlton suites at nearly 2,400 square feet. The wraparound ocean view balcony of these suites has a private outdoor shower overlooking the sea.

Club Level Lounge on the 7th floor, top floor of the hotel will feature five daily presentations:

Club Level Lounge Presentations:
7 – 11 a.m. Breakfast
12 – 2 p.m. Lunch
2 – 4 p.m. Mid-day Snacks
5 – 8 p.m. Hors d’oeuvres
8 – 10 p.m. Desserts & Cordials

Kindly note additional charges apply for more than two guests per Club room.

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Hotel loyalty program promotions updated October 1, 2013.

Best Western Rewards

Fall 2013 Promotion – September 16-November 24, 2013: Earn 1,000 bonus points per booking (1,500 bonus points if BWR elite) through Best Western online and mobile channels for stays from September 16 through November 24, 2013.

Registration is required before hotel stay to earn bonus.

Note: this offer is advertised with Best Western Internet Only up to 20% discount, however, you do not need to book the internet only rate to earn the booking bonus. Loyalty Traveler post September 17 – Best Western 1,000 or 1,500 bonus points per booking. Account must be set for earning points to receive online booking bonus so this offer is not stackable with United Mileage Plus offer.

Sep 10 to Nov 19, 2013: Earn 750 miles in United Mileage Plus per stay. Best Western Gold elite fast-track after first stay. Loyalty Traveler Sep 5.

July 1-Dec 31, 2013: South America double points on 3rd stay offer: Registration required before first qualifying stay.

Best Western Rewards members who:

(a) reside in the U.S, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Central America, or any participating country†, †Participating countries are Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

(b) book online at bestwestern.com or bestwestern.com.br, and

(c) complete at least three qualified stays* at Best Western branded hotels in a participating country† between July 1, 2013, and December 31, 2013 (“Promotion Period”), will be awarded double Best Western Rewards points for the third qualified stay, so long as all three qualified stays were booked through bestwestern.com or bestwestern.com.br.

Promotion registration and Best Western Rewards enrollment required prior to the first stay.  Maximum of one double points bonus reward per Member during the Promotion Period.

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Ritz-Carlton Rewards offers a free Tier 1-3 night for members who complete two Ritz-Carlton hotel stays between July 1 and October 31, 2013. Members may earn two free nights during the promotion period.

Existing RCR members must register by September 30, 2013. New members to Ritz Carlton Rewards a of June 4, 2013 will automatically be registered for this offer.

Ritz Carlton Hotels and their Reward Tiers can be found here. Awards expire one year from date of issuance. The award night is not transferrable.

Marriott Rewards members are generally excluded from Ritz Carlton Rewards promotions. You can only be a member of one of these loyalty programs, either Marriott Rewards or Ritz Carlton Rewards.

This looks to be one of the best promotions available for hotel stays for travel over the next few months.

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15 of the 23 hotels rising one tier level in Ritz-Carlton Rewards hotel category reassignment May 16, 2013 are located in the USA.


There are 78 Ritz-Carlton hotels globally. 39 of these 78 Ritz-Carlton hotels are in the USA.

The good news is Ritz-Carlton Bahrain is dropping by one tier level from RZ2 (40,000 points per night) to RZ1 (30,000 points per night) when new Marriott Rewards hotel award category reassignments take effect May 16, 2013.

The worse news comes with the 10,000 points increase for award nights at 23 Ritz-Carlton hotels rising in hotel award reassignments.

Link to the Marriott Rewards/Ritz-Carlton Rewards announcement of 2013 tier changes.

Link to Marriott Rewards pdf of 1,300+ hotels rising in hotel award category May 16, 2013.

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Ritz-Carlton Hotels offer the “Extraordinary Returns” promotion for 30,000 bonus points with a 4-night paid stay between July 15 and October 15, 2012. Only one 30,000 points bonus may be earned per Ritz-Carlton Rewards member.

Ritz-Carlton Rewards Extraordinary Returns Promotion registration is required by September 15.

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First the bad news. This is an offer for new enrollees to Ritz-Carlton Rewards or existing RCR members and you are not eligible for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards free night offer if you are a Marriott Rewards member.

Members of The Ritz-Carlton Rewards program as of January 13, 2012 and new members who were not previously members of the Marriott Rewards® program are eligible to receive this offer.

And now the good news. Register for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards free night offer by March 1, 2012. Stay two times at participating Ritz-Carlton Hotels and earn one free night certificate valid for a Tier 1-3 Ritz-Carlton Hotel. You may earn up to two free night certificates during the promotion.

  • Register for promotion by March 1.
  • You must have been a member of Ritz-Carlton Rewards as of January 13, 2012 or a new member who has not been a member of Marriott Rewards to be eligible for this offer.
  • Free night reward certificate is earned 3-5 days after second qualifying stay and is valid for one year from date of issuance.
  • Free night certificate is not transferable and may not be gifted.

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Ritz-Carlton Rewards members have an exclusive summer promotion that apparently does not apply for Marriott Rewards members even though the promotion page allows Marriott Rewards members to register. Earn 30,000 bonus Ritz-Carlton Rewards points with a stay of 4 nights or more at a participating Ritz-Carlton hotel between July 18 and September 9, 2011. This bonus may be earned only one time per member for stays during the promotion period.

Promotion registration is required by August 15, 2011.

Ritz-Carlton Rewards 30,000 Points Promotion press release.
Ritz-Carlton Rewards promotion FAQ.

  • Must have been a Ritz-Carlton Rewards member as of June 30, 2011.
  • New members may register for Ritz-Carlton Rewards and register for this promotion through August 15, 2011 if previously not a member of Marriott Rewards.
  • A check-in date before July 18 or checkout date after September 9 is eligible for this promotion if at least one night of your stay falls within the promotion period of July 18-September 9.
  • An eligible stay prior to registration counts for this bonus as long as Ritz-Carlton Rewards member registers for promotion by August 15.

Nonparticipating Properties:

  • The Ritz-Carlton Millennia, Singapore,
  • Phulay Bay, Thailand Ritz-Carlton Reserve
  • The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club®,
  • The Ritz-Carlton Residences and Partner Hotels

Loyalty Traveler analysis:

This bonus is basically a Ritz-Carlton Tier 1 free hotel night at 30,000 points after a paid 4-night stay. That is a good value rebate for Ritz-Carlton Rewards members.

Ritz-Carlton Rewards 30,000 bonus points with 4-night stay July 18-Sep 9, 2011.

Loyalty Traveler analysis of Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card benefits.

Ritz-Carlton Rewards launched its JP Morgan Chase Bank Visa credit card this week with a 50,000 points bonus after first-use by its founding members. This is sufficient for one free night at a Tier 3 Ritz-Carlton Hotel.


Benefits of Ritz-Carlton Credit Card include:

  • 5 points per $1 for Ritz-Carlton brand hotel stays. Stays at other Marriott brand hotels do not earn the 5 points rate.
  • 2 points per $1 for airlines, car rentals and dining.
  • 1 points per $1 for other purchases.
  • Confirmed upgrade to Club Level at Ritz-Carlton Hotels at time of booking three times per card membership account year for paid stays up to 7 nights.
  • Automatic Ritz-Carlton Rewards Gold elite status for first year of card membership.
  • Maintain Ritz-Carlton Gold elite with $10,000 in annual card spend.
  • Priority Pass Select membership for complimentary airport lounge access.
  • $200 annual airline incidentals credit provides reimbursement for items like checked baggage fees and in-flight meals charged to Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card.
  • JP Morgan Premier Concierge service 24/7.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • $100 hotel credit on minimum 2-night stays for dining, spa and other activities. This credit is not valid for room rate.
  • Insurance coverage for trip cancellation/delay, emergency medical coverage, 24 hour travel and emergency assistance services and lost baggage reimbursement. 

Annual cardmember fee $395 per year.

Interest Rate: 15.24% on June 13, 2011.

Chasing Whales with Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card  

A recently published Cornell Hospitality Report analyzed and categorized customer segments among hotel loyalty program members. One of their findings was the high-value customers they categorize as “whales”. This customer segment includes loyalty members who stay relatively infrequently, but have exceptionally high average spend during hotel stays for rooms, food and beverage, and other revenue. The Cornell report concludes loyalty programs should chase whales with benefits rather than room rate discounts. The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card appears to follow that advice. 

Bloomberg reports the JP Morgan Premier Concierge service offered as a Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card benefit is a feature previously only available to its wealthiest customers in the New York based bank. The affluent customer market is dominated by American Express whose members spend three to four times the spend of Visa and MasterCard members. 

Herve Humler, President and COO of Ritz-Carlton, said about 100,000 members are being offered the card. Chase Bank is targeting prime and super-prime customers with high credit ratings. Mr. Humler even has a YouTube 46-second promo spot with little informative substance for the new credit card. The video does provide a close-up look of the card. 

Ritz-Carlton Rewards Gold Elite with $10,000 in card spend

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Gold elite factor is a competitive edge for Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card members. Mid-level gold elite at $10,000 compares to HHonors Surpass American Express card with a $20,000 spend level to maintain HHonors Gold. The advantage of HHonors AmEx Surpass is the ability to reach Diamond elite at $40,000 in annual spend, although there is considerable debate in the HHonors community on FlyerTalk as to whether HHonors Diamond elite has significantly more value than HHonors Gold elite these days. 

Ritz-Carlton Gold elite benefits include:

  • 25% bonus points
  • Complimentary room upgrade
  • Complimentary internet
  • Late checkout

$200 airline incidentals credit

The airline incidentals credit is a reimbursement program for charges incurred like baggage fees, change fees, in-flight meals, and even airport club membership. Non-ticket purchases classified as airline category by Visa can be submitted for reimbursement within four billing cycles of purchase date.

The terms state the $200 reimbursement is per calendar year. Is there a leverage opportunity here for a person with a July to June cardmember year to get $200 reimbursed by December 31 and another $200 in 2012 during first year of card? This would effectively make the card free for the first year of membership through the airline fees reimbursement feature by itself.

Confirmed Upgrade to Club Level

Confirmed upgrade to Club Level at time of booking for up to 7 nights per stay and up to three stays per card membership year is a high value benefit.

The Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge access rate is typically a $50 to $100 per night surcharge at most hotels. Club Lounge normally provides breakfast, mid-day snacks, afternoon tea, hors d’oeuvres, dessert and complimentary cocktails seven days a week. This can be a significant rebate value on the annual card membership fee even for card members who spend only a few nights a year at Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

$100 Hotel Stay credit on 2-night or longer stays

This credit is valid for dining, spa and hotel incidentals, and not room rate. The credit is not valid when staying on promotional or discount rates.  

Priority Pass Select membership

Priority Pass Select membership offers complimentary airport lounge access to over 600 airport lounges. Note that beginning October 1 there will no longer be access to United Red Carpet Club and Continental Presidents Club lounges. Here is a link to FAQ for Priority Pass Select with the UA/CO update and here is a FlyerTalk thread about Priority Pass Select.

Loyalty Traveler Conclusion

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card has a relatively low earn rate at 1 or 2 points per $1 for spend outside of Ritz-Carlton hotels. The lack of 5 points per $1 for all Marriott brand hotels, in my opinion, is a deficiency in earning rate for the card. HHonors Surpass American Express and SPG AmEx offer more points value for non-hotel purchases.

Gold elite status in the Ritz-Carlton Rewards program offers cardmembers added benefits for all Marriott brand hotel stays at the relatively low qualification level of $10,000 per year card spend. Spending $10,000 on the Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card is a far easier route to Gold elite status than staying 50 nights at Marriott brand hotels in a calendar year.

The benefits offered with the card including the airline incidentals $200 rebate per calendar year and the complimentary confirmed Club Level room for up to three stays per card membership year essentially provides a full rebate for the $395 annual card fee for any Ritz-Carlton Rewards member spending 4 nights or more per year at Ritz-Carlton hotels.

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