Hyatt Gold Passport has a promotion for members of Hyatt and MGM Resorts Mlife loyalty programs staying in Las Vegas through the remainder of 2014. Earn up to 3,000 Hyatt bonus points for every three Las Vegas Mlife nights to Dec 31 2014 at 13 participating Las Vegas hotels.

The catch is you must stay 3 nights in hotels that are in the same bonus points category to earn the bonus. For example, 2 nights at Mandalay Bay and one night at MGM Grand earns 2,000 bonus points. However, stay two nights at Mandalay Bay and one night at Aria and you will not earn any bonus points since they are different bonus groups. Nights do not need to be consecutive nights and all nights through December 31, 2014 are eligible for the bonus.

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Feeling lucky? You can win 75,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points this week.

View from the Wing is giving away 75,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points to celebrate the new Hyatt-MGM Las Vegas Digital Hub. You can leave four comments before noon eastern Saturday, July 19, 2014 as your entries to the sweepstakes.

There are currently nearly 4,200 comments on Gary’s blog.

75,000 Hyatt points can take you many places or one luxurious place.

Another Boarding Area blog, Mommy Points has a giveaway for a $250 MGM Resorts gift card. Leave a comment by 11:59pm, central time Saturday, July 19, 2014.

There are currently 377 comments on Summer’s blog.

A chance to win 75,000 Hyatt points or a $250 MGM Resorts gift card are nice hotel travel gifts for some quick comments.

This post is designed to lay out clearly the main benefits for Hyatt Gold Passport members joining MGM Resorts M life loyalty program. Hyatt Gold Passport elite members can get a complimentary status match to an M life upper elite tier. This post does not cover M life gaming benefits and points at MGM Resorts.

Hyatt Gold Passport and 12 MGM Resorts in Las Vegas created a partnership to combine benefits and points earning for dual members in each loyalty program, effective June 20, 2013. Hyatt Gold Passport elite members can status match to M life elite tiers. You must be a member of both Hyatt Gold Passport and M life to receive these benefits.

  • Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member = M life Platinum.
  • Hyatt Gold Passport *Platinum member = M life Gold.
  • Hyatt Gold Passport general member = M life Sapphire.

M life membership year runs October 1 – September 30. My M life card I picked up two weeks ago at the Mandalay Bay M life desk is stamped Sep 2014.

M life Sapphire is basic M life membership open to anyone at MGM Resorts. There is also M life Pearl which is a higher tier than Sapphire, but below M life Gold for benefits.

Anyone who is a Hyatt Visa card member has automatic Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum membership as long as you remain a card member. Free nights earned with Hyatt Visa card enrollment and anniversary free night may be used at MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, however, no Hyatt suite upgrades may be applied.

Important Note: Hyatt Gold Passport elite member benefits do not apply to stays at MGM Resorts. No free breakfast for Diamonds.

M life members get the short end of the deal here since Hyatt Gold Passport only confers a status match to Gold Passport Platinum, low level elite, for M life Gold, Platinum and Noir members.

MGM Resorts Hyatt M life partnership webpage.

Hyatt Gold Passport M life webpage shows the M life status match chart.

Getting your M life elite card

There are 12 MGM Resorts in Las Vegas participating in the Hyatt Gold Passport and MGM Resort M life partnership.

  • Bellagio® (Hyatt Gold passport award category 6)
  • Aria™ (Hyatt Gold passport award category 6)
  • Mandalay Bay® (Hyatt Gold passport award category 6)
  • THEhotel® (Hyatt Gold passport award category 6)
  • Vdara™ (Hyatt Gold passport award category 5)
  • MGM Grand® (Hyatt Gold passport award category 5)
  • The Signature at MGM Grand® (Hyatt Gold passport award category 5)
  • The Mirage® (Hyatt Gold passport award category 5)
  • Monte Carlo™ (Hyatt Gold passport award category 4)
  • New York New York™ (Hyatt Gold passport award category 4)
  • Luxor® (Hyatt Gold passport award category 3)
  • Excalibur® (Hyatt Gold passport award category 2)

The MGM Resorts M life webpages state this partnership will expand to include other MGM Resorts in the future.

Hyatt Gold Passport members can obtain the M life card at the participating MGM Resorts. Have your ID and Hyatt elite card with you and request your M life elite tier card at the M life Players Club desks in each casino.



Earning Hyatt Gold Passport and M life points

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I am sitting in the Comfort Inn, Green River, Utah. This is a small town off Interstate 70  about 50 miles northwest of the desert recreational town of Moab. I will be staying in Las Vegas tonight after a 410 mile drive today. I will experience Las Vegas M life over the next three nights.

Say what you think of midscale hotels and Choice Privileges, but I have to say the King Bed at this hotel is one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in during the past year. And the free breakfast has bananas, oranges and apples. There has been little fruit offered in all our free breakfast stays the past nine mornings. Too bad I have to body slam the room door to get it to close and lock behind me each time I enter the room.

This is the first day of my M life.

Hyatt Gold Passport membersmay be aware that MGM Resorts and Hyatt Gold Passport started loyalty program reciprocity effective June 20, 2013. This means members of both programs can earn loyalty credit with stays at their respective hotels.

As a loyalty traveler and ten year member of Hyatt Gold Passport, the MGM M life partnership means there are now 12 properties in Las Vegas, in addition to the Hyatt Place Las Vegas, for earning Hyatt Gold Passport points and elite tier stay and night credit.

As Loyalty Traveler, I have been invited to Las Vegas for a Hyatt Gold Passport-M life press event tomorrow. I have been given complimentary Noir elite tier status with M life which I just activated in the past hour.

More about M life elite benefits will come in a later post. The table showing different M life tiers and benefits can be seen here.


How low can I go?

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