Hilton HHonors 2x and 3x points August 1 to October 31, 2014 is a good value offer for 30 points per dollar earning on hotels stays on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night and 20 points per dollar for stays on Monday to Thursday nights.

Typical of Hilton HHonors is conflicting information on different pages. One set of promotion T&Cs state the promotion begins today July 9 while the main promotion page offer states August 1.

Hilton HHonors 2x/3x points Promotion registration is available as of today.

[Loyalty Traveler note Friday, July 11 7:00am PT: The HHonors promotion registration page has not loaded the past two days since this offer was announced. I was able to register for the 2014Q3 offer on July 9, however the HHOnors registration page link went dead soon after this post. The image below shows the Aug 1-Oct 31, 2014 dates.]

HHonors 2014 Q3 2x-3x promotion

Hilton HHonors 2014 Q3 promotion for 2x and 3x points August 1 to October 31, 2014.

HHonors 2x/3x Promotion FAQ shows how bonus points are calculated. Read More…

Hilton HHonors has a new promotion for Singapore Airlines Krisflyer double miles (2 miles/$1) for Hilton brand hotel stays from July 1 to September 30, 2014. Hotel stays in Asia Pacific region earn triple miles (3 miles/$1).

Residents of Singapore have an additional incentive with the HHonors member participant who earns the most KrisFlyer base miles during the promotion winning a 5-night trip to the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort with flights on Singapore Airlines.

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Hilton HHonors published hotel award category changes July 2, 2014, effective next Wednesday, July 9 with a list of 24 hotels increasing category and 15 hotels decreasing category. Be sure to look over the lists and check rates by Tuesday, January 8 for potential bookings you want to make at lower category rates.

In addition, there are 56 new hotels opened since April 1, 2014 with their hotel award category assignment. That is an average of one new hotel nearly every other day for the quarter. In April 2014, Hilton HHonors announced it was going to drop its annual award category reassignment for periodic reassignment during the year. I think it is the new hotel openings providing the underlying motive for more frequent hotel award category reassignment than the annual list. This also coincides with their quarterly inventory of Hilton brand hotels for financial reports.

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Hilton is offering a summer rate sale for hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa for stays through September. These are advance purchase, prepaid and nonrefundable rates.

UK and Europe require room bookings by September 1 for weekend stays from June 27 through September 30, 2014. Some properties offer Summer Sale rates every day of the week from July 28 to September 1. Requires 3-day advance purchase.

Middle East and Africa require room bookings by September 30 for stays  through October 5, 2014. Requires 5-day advance purchase and no weekend limitation for these regions.

Rates start as low as $43 per night for DoubleTree by Hilton Malatya, Turkey. Poland, Slovakia, Spain, UK, Turkey, UAE, Egypt and South Africa all have hotel rates starting at under $70 per night.

Hilton Summer Sale link.

Hilton Europe 2014 sale

Hilton Summer Sale Terms 

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Hilton Worldwide has partnered with Eden Group by signing a deal for five separate Hilton brand hotels in different Myanmar locations. The country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is located on the Indian Ocean and bordered by Thailand, Laos, China, Bangladesh and India. International tourism in the country nearly doubled from 2012 with more than two million visitors in 2013.

Hilton Yangon is scheduled to open in Q4-2014 in Myanmar’s largest city. Myanmar has a population of 61 million in a country just beginning development with western brands. Accor and Best Western have also signed hotel properties in Myanmar recently.

Eden Group already has two hotels open in Myanmar and these hotels will be rebranded and open as Hilton Hotels in October 2014.

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Hilton returns to central Paris with Concorde Opera Paris. The hotel is Hilton HHonors category 9 and currently bookable on the Hilton websites. The website states HHonors benefits are provided, yet the hotel is not yet branded as Hilton. That is expected sometime in the next few months.

Hilton Concorde Opera Paris

Concorde Opera Paris

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Hilton announced today the launch of a new hotel brand for independent properties desiring the marketing power and resources of affiliation with Hilton Worldwide. Think Starwood Luxury Collection or Marriott Autograph Collection and you have an idea where Hilton Worldwide is going with the announcement of its 11th brand, Curio – a Collection by Hilton.

There is a website up at CurioCollection.com.

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Hilton HHonors offers double points for hotel stays from May 1 to July 31, 2014. That is an extra 10 bonus points per dollar. The offer also allows HHonors members to choose double miles, but since HHonors eliminated Points & Fixed Miles earning this year, the double miles bonus offer is only 2 miles per dollar in hotel spend.

Double Your HHonors promotion registration is required.

  • Double Points = 25 points per dollar for Points & Points earners.
  • Double Points = 20 points + 1 mile per dollar for Points & Miles earners choosing double points.
  • Double Miles = 10 points + 2 miles per dollar for Points & Miles earners choosing double miles. Here is the list of airline partners.

Most HHonors members will find better value earning double points.


  • You can earn double points while keeping Points & Miles earning preference.
  • Double points or miles can be earned for up to two rooms on same reservation.

But, will you actually earn double points for your HHonors stay?

The list of Hilton brand hotels opting out is over 600 properties with 575 of these hotels in the USA. I made a Hilton reservation yesterday for a South Carolina hotel in May. It is one of the hotels that opted out of this double points offer.

Charleston, South Carolina shows 18 Hilton brand hotels when searching rates on the Hilton website. Out of these hotels, 11 of 18 properties in the Charleston, South Carolina area opted out of this promotion.

HHonors double promo

Double Your HHonors promotion May 1 – July 31, 2014.

So now we have the offers from Starwood 2x/3x(Sundays) and HHonors 2x. Both chains have spend based promotions.

Earning 25 points per dollar is a decent promotion from HHonors. $1,000 in hotel spend pulls in 25,000 points, and more if you have elite membership. The list of hotels opting out in the USA is the primary limitation.


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Hilton HHonors has decided to establish a presence on FlyerTalk with a corporate representative. That is a good sign of change for hotel loyalty members. And Hilton’s fresh start includes a link to the webpage for Hilton HHonors 2014 hotel category changes taking effect next week along with a list of all new Hilton brand hotels in 2014 with their associated reward category.

14 hotels drop in HHonors category.

HHonors 2014 hotels down

Barcelona, Spain sees a double category drop at two category 7 hotels reduced to category 5 effective on Tuesday, April 15. D.C. and Richmond, VA area also see some hotels dropping category.

25 Hotels Increase HHonors Reward Category.

HHonors 2014 hotels up

HHonors 2014 up-2

Conrad Algarve Portugal makes a double category jump from HHOnors category 7 to category 9. That is quite a leap.

List of 2014 New Hotels in HHonors

One of the other useful features added to the website is a list of new hotels and their corresponding reward categories.

HHonnors 2014 new hotels cat

Hilton is growing fast globally. In January 2014 alone, HHonors added 21 new hotels.

  • January 2014 = 21 new hotels.
  • February 2014 = 9 new hotels.
  • March 2014 = 25 new hotels.

This is a pace of more than 200 new hotels for 2014. The list of new hotels is useful information to help members keep aware of new opportunities for hotel stays.

HHonors Points Search Tool

Keep in mind that the Hilton HHonors category only indicates the range of points needed for a hotel reward night. To pin down the actual hotel reward rate, HHonors members must check the http://hhonorspointssearchtool.com/ link to see the reward rate for month of travel.

Related post: Hilton HHonors Seasonal Reward Rates clarified (Jan 24, 2014)

The Hilton IPO of December 2013 resulted in more portfolio transparency with public access now available to Hilton Worldwide hotel data. Finally, I can create a table of numbers for the ten Hilton brands from the company’s quarterly financial report covering 2013 full year and Q4-2013.

One of the most annoying aspects of Hilton Worldwide the past few years is the company did not publicly release information about its hotel numbers and room rates across the hotel chain. Basic data was not easily accessible for stuff like:

  • How many Hampton Inn or Hilton Garden Hotels are open?
  • What are average room rates at different Hilton hotel brands?
  • Which hotel brands are in different regions?
  • How many Hilton brand hotels are outside the USA?

Gathering these pieces of data with other hotel chains is simply a matter of checking the quarterly investor financial reports publicly available on the web. Hilton Worldwide as a private company until late 2013 did not post most of this data and their website was always hard to determine which data was accurate since some webpages citing hotel brand statistics were several years old.

The fall 2013 Hilton IPO changed all that.

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