Has Hilton HHonors stopped caring about its global bonus points promotions?

I registered for the Hilton HHonors Triple Your Trip 2014 Q3 promotion on July 9, 2014. Then the HHonors promotion registration page went offline for almost two weeks.

Now the Hilton HHonors Triple Your Trip 2014 Q3 promotion registration page is up again and the list of hotels opting out of the August 1 to October 31, 2014 promotion has finally posted. The number of Hilton brand hotels opting out of the Triple Your Trip promotion is larger than most global hotel chains. Loyalty Lobby counts 1,362 hotels opting out. That is one out of three hotels worldwide in the Hilton Worldwide chain choosing not to participate in the upcoming HHonors global promotion.

What a joke for a hotel loyalty program promotion.

Most of the hotels opting out are located in the USA. Three out of four Hilton brand hotels around the Monterey Bay region where I live in California opted out.

The Hilton HHonors Triple Your Trip promotion is gutted before it even starts.

Here are Hilton HHonors Triple Your Trip promotion details and links:

Hilton HHonors Triple Your Trip Registration Page

List of hotels not participating in HHonors Triple Your Trip promotion.

Hilton HHonors Triple Your Trip FAQ.

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This post includes an updated Loyalty Traveler table showing the points and money components needed for Hilton HHonors Points and Money Rewards with a column showing the cost for HHonors points saved.

HHonors Points and Money Rewards require 40% of the points needed for a HHonors Standard Reward, plus a cash component ranging from $30 to $200 per night as shown in the Loyalty Traveler Hilton HHonors Points and Money Rewards table below.

Hilton HHonors does not have a table of Points & Money Reward rates. The effect of Seasonal Rewards pricing makes it difficult to determine the Points & Money Reward rate based on the designated HHonors hotel reward category.

In the old HHonors system I knew HHonors Category 6 meant a hotel reward night was a fixed rate of 40,000 points per night. The current system of HHonors Seasonal Rewards means a HHonors Reward Category 6 hotel can float by calendar month through a range of reward rates. Read More…

Hilton HHonors Loyalty Traveler guide is an overview of the hotel program with links to Loyalty Traveler 2013 and 2014 articles about Hilton HHonors. The articles cover hotel reward searches, hotel reward category changes, seasonal rewards, Hilton Worldwide hotel brands, average daily rates and elite qualification requirements with links to elite member benefits.

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Hilton HHonors 2014 Q3 double and triple points promotion prematurely launched last week when there was a promotion registration page. I registered for the new Triple Your Trip promotion and wrote about the 2014 Q3 offer seven days ago.

Loyalty Traveler: Hilton HHonors 2x and 3x points August 1 to October 31, 2014 (July 9, 2014).

HHonors 2014 Q3 registration

You are registered for Hilton HHonors 2014 Q3 Triple Your Trip promotion August 1 to October 31, 2014

The next day Hilton HHonors removed the 2014 Q3 promotion registration page. For most of the past week the HHonors.com/Triple went to a ’404 Not Found’ page. Now the link redirects to a message “Hilton HHonors promotion coming soon”.

HHonors promotion soon

Hilton HHonors promotion coming soon page currently shows when clicking HHonors.com/triple link.

Basic Information on Hilton HHonors Double and Triple Points

Hilton HHonors 2x and 3x points August 1 to October 31, 2014 gives 30 points per dollar earning for hotels stays on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night and 20 points per dollar for stays on Monday to Thursday nights.

HHonors 2x/3x Promotion FAQ shows how bonus points are calculated on this page from the 2013 same offer. This is the only link that currently works.

The big question for HHonors members is which hotels have opted out of this offer? There is a link to nonparticipating hotels with the message ‘Coming Soon”.

Hopefully Hilton will get the promotion registration page back online soon with a list of nonparticipating hotels. I suspect the missing link delaying this 2x/3x offer is the list of non-participating hotels. Until we know which hotels opt out, this offer is hard to evaluate. Triple points is a high value bonus from HHonors – if you are staying weekend nights at a hotel participating in the promotion.


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Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International are natural market place competitors for USA and global hotel traffic. This post looks at the average hotel rates for Hilton and Marriott brands and compares the number of hotels in the similar market segments for competitive brands in Hilton and Marriott.

Hilton has slightly more hotels. Marriott has more hotels in a slightly lower hotel market segment by room price. Both chains offer touches of luxury and a focus on more affordable functional hotels for frequent travelers.  Each chain has a large footprint with about 4,000 hotels spanning the globe in their different hotel brands. Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf-Astoria and Conrad are the luxury market hotel brands. Upper upscale Hilton, Embassy Suites, Marriott and Renaissance are their flagship brands. Homewood Suites, Home2 Suites, Embassy Suites, Residence Inn, TownePlace Suites and SpringHill Suites are the stay awhile in spacious rooms brands. Hampton Inn Hilton Garden Inn, Courtyard and Fairfield Inn are the workhorse brands.

The USA is the dominant market for both Hilton and Marriott by number of hotels and hotel guests. 86% of the hotels in Hilton’s primary brands are located in the USA. Hampton Inn is a massive hotel brand with nearly 2,000 properties and 95% of those hotels are in the USA. Nearly 97% of more than 200 Embassy Suites hotels are located in the USA.

SpringHill Suites, Fairfield Inn, Residence Inn and TownePlace Suites offer 1,900 hotels with Marriott and each of these four brands have more than 95% of their hotels in the USA. For the US traveler there is a choice between Marriott and Hilton for extensive coverage of the 50 states.

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Hilton HHonors 2x and 3x points August 1 to October 31, 2014 is a good value offer for 30 points per dollar earning on hotels stays on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night and 20 points per dollar for stays on Monday to Thursday nights.

Typical of Hilton HHonors is conflicting information on different pages. One set of promotion T&Cs state the promotion begins today July 9 while the main promotion page offer states August 1.

Hilton HHonors 2x/3x points Promotion registration is available as of today.

[Loyalty Traveler note Friday, July 11 7:00am PT: The HHonors promotion registration page has not loaded the past two days since this offer was announced. I was able to register for the 2014Q3 offer on July 9, however the HHOnors registration page link went dead soon after this post. The image below shows the Aug 1-Oct 31, 2014 dates.]

HHonors 2014 Q3 2x-3x promotion

Hilton HHonors 2014 Q3 promotion for 2x and 3x points August 1 to October 31, 2014.

HHonors 2x/3x Promotion FAQ shows how bonus points are calculated. Read More…

Hilton HHonors has a new promotion for Singapore Airlines Krisflyer double miles (2 miles/$1) for Hilton brand hotel stays from July 1 to September 30, 2014. Hotel stays in Asia Pacific region earn triple miles (3 miles/$1).

Residents of Singapore have an additional incentive with the HHonors member participant who earns the most KrisFlyer base miles during the promotion winning a 5-night trip to the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort with flights on Singapore Airlines.

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There have been so many changes to hotel loyalty programs in the past three years that I needed to check again to see which hotel programs count award stays for elite membership.

Redeeming points for award stays while earning elite membership credit comes in handy when you are trying to reach 25 to 30 stays or 60 to 75 nights in your favorite hotel chain in a calendar year.

Hotel Stays and/or Nights completed in a calendar year qualification for high hotel loyalty program elite membership.

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Marriott Rewards beats Hilton HHonors for the number of category 1 and category 2 hotels available in the USA. Marriott Rewards has 816 hotels in Category 1 and 2 awards. Hilton HHonors has only 101 hotels in the USA at the Category 1 and Category 2 award levels.

A common miles and points analysis seen in blogs is comparing the amount of spend correlated to the award night cost.

Category 1 Hotel Award Night Comparison for Hilton and Marriott

Hilton HHonors Category 1 hotel award night = 5,000 points.

Marriott Rewards Category 1 hotel award night = 7,500 points.

The analysis is HHonors members earning Points & Points earn 15 points per dollar. This means a basic HHonors member can earn 5,000 points with $334 in hotel spend. That is used as a measure to claim Hilton HHonors has the fastest earning hotel program for free nights.

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Searching HHonors award rates using the Hilton HHonors Standard Room Rewards Point Pricing Tool today revealed to me the tool was not showing the correct award rates for some hotels. Barcelona, Spain reveals how whacked out HHonors reward night pricing has become and the difficulty of finding the accurate award rate without searching the specific hotels.

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