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Murals of Napier, New Zealand

One of the joys of Napier, New Zealand complementing extensive downtown art deco architecture from the 1930s are colorful murals on many buildings. One of the primary tourist attractions of this east coast city on Hawkes Bay, North Island is the concentrated art deco architecture downtown in this city of about 60,000 residents. Napier, New…

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Sculpture in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipeda, Lithuania impressed me as a place that would be a fun Baltic seaport town for a couple days in summer. Though, the deal for me is I was in Klaipeda during the first week of April. The presence of white storks in treetop nests around the early spring countryside were some of the most…

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Debra Hill, my favorite living artist in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for dead artists. Rembrandt to Van Gogh (historic artists), Herman Brood to Sylvia Kristel and Van Gogh again (modern artists). Riches and poverty, fame and obscurity, suicide, disease and assassination ended lives made famous with their art in Amsterdam. Debra Hill’s shop is located in a small booth beneath some of the…

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Can London teach America art tourism?

London does art well. Art is public. Art is accessible. Art is temporary. Art sells the city and the city sells art. Museums in many cities are not accessible due to admission fees. Charging $30 to walk around a museum is a barrier to many people. London has more than a dozen free museums including…

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