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Feeling lucky? You can win 75,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points this week.

View from the Wing is giving away 75,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points to celebrate the new Hyatt-MGM Las Vegas Digital Hub. You can leave four comments before noon eastern Saturday, July 19, 2014 as your entries to the sweepstakes.

There are currently nearly 4,200 comments on Gary’s blog.

75,000 Hyatt points can take you many places or one luxurious place.

Another Boarding Area blog, Mommy Points has a giveaway for a $250 MGM Resorts gift card. Leave a comment by 11:59pm, central time Saturday, July 19, 2014.

There are currently 377 comments on Summer’s blog.

A chance to win 75,000 Hyatt points or a $250 MGM Resorts gift card are nice hotel travel gifts for some quick comments.

8 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing these with your readers, Ric!

  2. I love your blog!

  3. Great blog, looking forward to winning. :)

  4. A Hyatt man since 2006!

  5. I have a feeling. My first win ever!

  6. Shopping, food and great hotels!

    Comment by Charlene on July 17th, 2014 at 1:15 pm
  7. Please take note that comments on this post are not entries for the sweepstakes prizes on View from the Wing and Mommy Points.

    Hyatt-MGM did not offer me any prizes for readers.

  8. Loyal fan of your blog. Winning the hyatt points would be amazing and out to good use…for our upcoming wedding and honeymoon! Finger crosses

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