California’s Central Valley heated up by mid-afternoon to 100 degrees as we drove through miles and miles of fruit orchards in rural irrigated countryside dotted with historic Victorian farmhouses.

Leaving the comfortable summer environment of 70 degree days in fog and sun on the Monterey Peninsula is always difficult when the weather hits upper 90s and low 100s in most of interior California heading to the Sierra Nevada.

Jackson, California is a gold rush era town founded in 1948. The town sits in the foothills of the Sierra at 1,217 feet. Past Jackson the road climbs steadily up the mountains. I figured the temperature would drop to 85 by the time I reached 4,000 feet. It was 87.


Peddler Hill Overlook Vista Point on Highway 88, Carson Pass, California.

A few miles past Peddler Hill there was a place on the ridge where there was space to see through the tall trees to the north and the Crystal Range mountains around Lake Tahoe. These mountains are right around 10,000 feet in elevation. Read More…

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