A New York judge ordered the Modern Honolulu, formerly Marriott’s Waikiki Edition until the hotel owners unilaterally rebranded last weekend and kicked out Marriott management, to be returned to Marriott’s control by 2:30pm local Hawaii time Wednesday, August 31.  See Loyalty Traveler post: Divorce Hawaiian Style at Marriott Waikiki Edition (Aug 29).

About 60 former employees and managers of Marriott’s Waikiki Edition who had lost their jobs in the hotel owners move last weekend hoped to return to work yesterday. The team of Marriott executives who arrived to retake the hotel were greeted with the news that hotel owners M Waikiki had just filed for bankruptcy protection. Apparently this legal maneuver keeps the Modern Honolulu in place despite the New York judge’s order to reinstate Marriott management and the Waikiki Edition hotel.

The most recent chapter in the Waikiki Edition saga is certainly not the final chapter in the Battle for Waikiki.

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