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The Hyatt Courtesy Card is just one of the new aspects of hotel loyalty programs I learned about today in my Hotel Loyalty Programs presentation at the FlyerTalk Chicago Seminar Do.

Last night I ate dinner with a 400,000 mile per year frequent flyer and leisure traveler InterContinental Royal Ambassador. He showed me his certificate for complimentary Royal Ambassador status to another person. One of the perks of being Royal Ambassador is complimentary in-room mini-bar items.

So how does one reach these invitational über-elite status levels?

Being someone with influence, high spend, frequent stays, and true loyalty revenue potential.

There is a FlyerTalk thread on Hyatt Courtesy Card über-elite status. Here is my favorite line from the Hyatt thread in an experiential post from Hyatt Courtesy Card member InJapan:

“Sometimes, you get the very best suite the hotel has to offer, the very best means you are walking a long way from kitchen to bedroom. These are the rooms usually featured on the hotels homepage, with super sized entry, separate living area, office, kitchen, and a workout area in the bathroom.”

Well, perhaps this sentence from the post is even more entertaining –  

“Is there anything above CC? Probably the only thing better is being one of the owner’s children.”

Here is a link to a 13-photo display of the Courtesy Card package, materials and card. The package comes with a robe.

There is also an article in October 2010 Executive Travel magazine by Alessandra Bianchi about these über-elite status levels – The New VIP Hotel Experience.

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  1. I can’t imagine ever spending enough of my money to reach one of these levels, and quite frankly it’s not nearly as attractive (to me) as achieving top or high status with an airline.

    I wonder how many RAs empty out the minibar every night to get their money’s worth.

  2. There were some jokes at the Chicago Seminar DO this past weekend about how FlyerTalkers would most likely be the RAs emptying out the InterContinental Hotel room mini-bars.

  3. Great job on the Hyatt courtesy card. I feel like I snuck a peek at the inner sanctum.

  4. Read my COMMENTS below the 13-page Photo display of the CC to get a couple more INSIDE stories about the CC and Julia Roberts!

    Comment by HappyHyattCamper on October 29th, 2010 at 12:07 pm
  5. […] Loyalty Traveler comment – At this point, 40 minutes into the chat I had to get snarky and submit my question “Are we whale hunting with Jeff Zidell?” referring to the term whales used by casinos for the really big money spenders. Hyatt already has an uber-elite level called Courtesy Card. Here is a Loyalty Traveler post on Courtesy Card. […]

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